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harmonic dimension

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  • harmonic dimension
  •      There’s a quality in music that makes it understandable to everyone. Music can be classified and organized by a theoretical notation system, but it also conceives a musical dimension that is much more difficult to capture in words or rhythmic figures. Music has profound impact in human physiological and psychological roots. With this series of photographs I am taking advantage of the camera vision to discover this musical quality and how the human is able to interpret it physically.

         I used a talented person that despite her not having almost any formal dance learning experience, had a very strong connection with her body. People dance to feel part of the music, although normally done as a social interaction, this personal performance done by Leo Ware became an interaction with herself. An interaction visualized as a darkening of all of the other senses, leaving only its abstract visual nature for us to interpret. The dancer provided body movements that had no limitations except for our human conditions, but was a direct connection to the nature of sound. No method, system or dancing genre molded this impromptu performance.

         As sounds are emitted in an impalpable way, received by the ear, sent to the brain and translated into movement, I needed a way to directly attend the product of this translation. The solution consisted with the use of glow sticks attached to her body, and triggering long exposures with a digital SLR as the movements evolved into the picture plane. This lighting technique achieved my desire of abstracting the quality of music that is being translated into body movement. It’s about the existing human becoming part of the music while music simultaneously starts existing in ourselves.