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  • find(&)MERGE
  • SVEN is a design team in the a3 course of Architectural-Building Engineering at University of Bologna. The project find(&)MERGE will take part in Maribor 2012 European Capital of Culture event and it will be involved in 2012 Venice Biennale.

    Team members (SVEN): Andrea Barbieri, Filippo Conti, Giulia Mariotti, Beatrice Scardovi.

    Studio leader names: Alessio Erioli (Studio Master) - Tommaso Casucci, Filippo Nassetti, Alessandro Zomparelli (tutors).
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  • Find(&)MERGE is a project that starts with the research of a coherent strategy that can be implemented regardless of changing conditions. By exploiting systems emergent behavior we obtain a model that both fits and changes the area configuration where the system acts.

    The project follows a "bottom-up" approach, based on simple rules about the interactions of an agent-based system. This system grows and evolves up to the event of an emergent and self-organized behavior. The external parameters that affect the system are related to environmental and urban planning data. 
    The masterplan configuration is the result of a continuous change of existing conditions through the release of a pheromone trail that allows the formation of a density gradient connected to the new existing conditions. In this way we obtain a pattern of aggregation, where basic topological structures are modelled as a function of this gradient and, going down the scale, we analyze a structure that can be coherently propagated throughout the whole site. 
    Then a second category of agents generates trails on wrapping using information about solar radiation. The material evolution of these trails takes place by successive agglomerations that begin to merge, until become the casing itself. 
    As Maribor aspires to a greater flexibility and availability in the long term, find(&)MERGE is a place dedicated to meeting and sharing and wants to enhance the project area in order to represent a new economic and cultural center. The adopted strategy allows the realization of a urban environment in which the individual structures are integrated among them and within the context and are able to perform multiple functions.