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Rendez-Vous | EN

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    I beleive, this page is in bad English. Кликните СЮДА для русской версии.

  • Rendez-Vous: There are no chance encounters

    Short film about a date, where nothing goes according to plan. The guy withflowers is the place of meeting, but there is only a smug stranger waiting forsomeone. Romantic intrigue is fading away, when it turns out that the heroes arenot those who they claim to be.

    The film was shot in Minsk under budget about $10. Ten. Dollars.

  • Production
  • There will be a lot of pictures. And here I am. Hey.
  • I have cool sunglasses, that why I am a director.
  • According to the russian cinematic tradition, in the beginning of filming one should break a plate on the tripod. And give all the fragments to the members of the crew. For a good luck.

  • Producer Lina came in to the city on the second day of shooting. But she brought Pierre-Luc, a Canadian experimental filmmaker, eventually playing a cameo role in our Belarussian film.

  • Lina spoke to him in French, and me – in poor English. Pierre-Luc only smiled and said, "Okay!"
    Canada has two official languages. We hope that Pierre-Luc was actually from Canada.

  • Stage line, which should not be crossed by the camera.
    We managed to find this place in the forest for three times.

  • It doesn't matter what it is, it is only necessary for the characters to want it.
    We had several options on what to choose as MacGuffin.

  • And we choose the MiniDisk. This is the object pursued by heroes. No, it is not a floppy.

  • In search of a good perspective the director of photography was unstoppable. Some of the most spectacular shots originally was absent from the shooting plan.

  • Sometimes he managed to sleep between takes. No, really. He was sleeping.

  • Rain occured every time before the actors had to lie down on the ground.
    Regardless of the forecast.

  • Attempts to learn to rotate the Beretta like a cowboy was not successful.

  • Only one person really knew how to handle weapons.

  • The walkie-talkie helped a lot while shooting a scene where a character was 10 meters away from the crew.

  • Scene in which the hero stumbles upon a snag.
    We shot it many times, but in the end it was not included in the film.

  • Excess sun gave way to rain and sun again.

  • During the shooting period the background blossomed, becoming a colorful green.
    So we had to hide both seasonal and weather changes in postproduction.

  • A rose is not something that you can borrow for a day. Flowers was hardly kept fresh to the end of shooting day. We hid them in the shadows and fed aspirin, and in the end gave to team members.

    Roses were the main part of the 10-dollar budget.
  • In total, the shooting took 7 days.

    The first version was edited as a silent film. In the second version, the film was completely redubbed to have a traditional soundtrack.

  • Crew:
    writer/director Robert Seneka
    director of photography Valery Rudnev
    producer Lina Medvedeva
    assistant director Lidia Burachevskaya
    backstage photographer Nelly Artyomenko

    dude Nikita Sidorenko
    dandy Vladimir Galak
    bimbo Margarita Aleshkevich
    foreigner Pierre-Luc Valliancourt