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contemporary dance academy

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  • Contemporary Dance Academy
    Brzeska Street, Praga disctrict, Warsaw, Poland
  • Dancers’ body is like a sculpture: beautifully formed with his/hersefforts to make it perfect. Without movement it becomes a sublime shape,elegant, static and mysterious. However, the moment they begin to move, themagic begins. Suddenly, we are invited to see thedancer’s show of emotion. It's almost an intimate performance that we are privileged towatch. This moment, in which strangers suddenlyfind themselves in the situation of the spectator and performer, wasthe inspiration for this project. Challenge was to design a spacethat would create such situations.

    Building of the Academy of Danceis intentionally half-open, designed to encourage people in the neighborhood to discover it, explore and tame. The platform on which you step to get to the center of the project is structured in such a way that the stream of pedestrians will move in accordance with the choreography arranged by the architect: make a turn, do pirouettes, go above, look in thisdirection. The courtyard becomes a stage on which performances are written and directed by the architecture.
  • Due to Ignasi Sola Morales Rubio,analogy is the association, not necessary visible, made by the observer overthe course of time. It is impossible to formulate aesthetics system with suchvalidity to make it applicable beyond the individual circumstances.

    Brzeska Street was laidout after 1870, as the center of northern Prague and of the“Bermuda Triangle”, also being the eastern borderof the Bazaar Rozycki. Around 1900 street was filled withtenement houses, with the eclectic facades, oftenvery richly ornamented, in contrast to the very modest design ofinteriors.
    After the war buildings have beennationalized as formerly Jewish property, since then they were deterioratingover time, ornaments and adornments were falling apart.

    Recently, attempts have been made, to change the image of Brzeska. To celebrate the glorydays of the street and to enhance its entry into new era, Isuggest the analogy with the situation reversed: raw, devoidof wall decorations architecture,deliberately open, challengingly open, to be built with therecycled bricks from the destroyed buildings of the district.Material is the object of true interpretation.