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clean Life; '' an emotional aid to smoking''

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  • Clean life is a product family concept that provides an emotional aid to stop smoking. It uses a Breath analyzer, a decision Reminder and a web information network to monitor and give information to the smoker throughout the whole cessation process and after. It also connects struggling smokers together with an online community to aid each other socially just like the addiction itself.
  • What is Clean Life?
    Clean life is a product family that provides an emotional aid to stop smoking. It uses a ''breath analyzer'', a ''decision reminder'' and ''social media'' to monitor, warn and give information to nicotine addict user throughout the cessation process and after. It connects struggling smokers with an online community to aid each other socially. It is emotionally very complicated to make a decision to stop smoking. We create social or solitary ''smoking rituals'' along the way to strong addiction. These Smoking rituals vary, from ''chat with your best friend'' smoke to ''Having a break'' smoke and so on. These ''Rituals'', then are used by the addict as emotional barriers to forge excuses not to stop smoking. The only way to overcome these barriers is to make a mentally firm decision and keep it no matter what. Clean Life helps the user to track his/her improvements during the cessation process and then it reminds the user whenever S/he experiences a '' nicotine'' peak.
    The challenge:
    The challenge with this project was to replace the current controlled dose packages in the market with an opposing emotional approach. This was partially to create a new branch within a market. Creating a new set of rules degreases the chance of winning for the competition. The second challenge was to understand why and how the addiction occurs when nicotine is withdrawn into our physiological system. Today's solutions usually tend to replace the actual addictive chemical, Nicotine, with a controlled dose. Moreover the products attempt to continue with the same gestural and behavioral habits. All of these methods allow the addict to live the basic defining aspects of addiction almost the same way. The only improvement usually is, the new set of habits is less harmful than the previous one. Clean life tends not to replace but to stop all the habits from the start. It monitors the improvements of the user. It keeps track on how much the user has come so far, and at the moments of nicotine peaks, warns the user and reminds him/her of the decision made how much S/he has gained.
    Clean Life as a Design Soluton;
    Clean life is an excellence design solution regarding its marketing strategy and for its ''let's check the back door'' approach to curing addiction.
    Current market for smoking aid product is flooding with very similar products of different brands. It is either nicotine replacement cures, electronic cigarettes or medical analysis products mostly prescribed by doctors because of critical psychological results of smoking. There are also proposals of alternative chemicals. None of these products truly aid the addiction unless the user mentally makes the true decision to stop smoking. As an ex-smoker, I know how easy it is to fabricate excuses to smoke yet another cigarette after your hundredth ''last cigarette''.
    Throughout the cessation the mucus in your lungs degreases, your breath capacity increases, you stop finding excuses to procrastinate, suddenly you realize that you have much more time in your hand. You feel more energetic. Emotionally you won't need a cigarette to feel good anymore. Knowing how much you have gained after stop smoking and seeing this data at the moments of your addiction peaks has a significant effect on keeping your promise intact.
    With Clean Life, you will have a breath analyzer and one decision reminder. You will also have an access to a smoking addicts society. You will be analyzing your breath every day. Analyzer automatically syncs the analysis data into your computer at the first chance. There your data keeps getting updated.
    The graphics on the reminder advances in time with your progress. As the cessation continues it grows and shows you your own improvement. The improvement data can be shared either openly or anonymously via social media. Then comes the most important part. Nicotine addiction does not simply vanish. Even after years, it can repeat itself very rapidly just by one small dose of nicotine withdrawal. Passive doses count just as much. Smokers around you either may tempt you directly or you can be exposed within social terms. The reminder, being a decorative item itself, will still warn and remind you of your decision even after your progress is complete. It will turn into the user's medal of health.
    Technical specs:
    Clean life uses electronic nose, galvanic skin sensors and social media. Electronic nose is a technology that allows the analyst to monitor the chemical compound levels within  the patients lungs. It's polymer sensors are compound specific. Galvanic skin sensor is a set of sensors that detects the changes on the users skin conductivity. Skin conductivity changes due to our emotional state. Therefore allows Clean Life to monitor the users emotional nicotine addiction peaks for pre-warning. Knowing that you are not alone helps users to take the next step. That is why Clean Life uses an online community to achieve shared improvement.