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Year: 2052 / Status: Hunted

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    Process - This piece was made entirely in photoshop. I started out with a stock photo image of a girl sitting on a oil drum. I then searched for reference photos for her armor and used several photomanipulation techniques to sew it together in a seamless way. When the her armor was done I felt the image was cool but it was missing that something extra. I started imagining different settings of where she fit in. A story dark futuristic story line came into place and I develope the picture from a few ideas I had going on in the story. The story line can be read below. Enjoy.

    The scene is set in an alternate future where mankind has been alternating DNA fromhumans and animals trying to creating enhanced human beings. The experimentswere sucessful and yielded human capacities beyond imagination. Rumors spreadlike fire across the world of these "super humans" and thepossibilites included with their birth. They were a proud group who thoughtthemselves have achieved the next level. However, tides quickly turn and manyof the enhanced humans were forced into military duty. For a long period oftime these people were misguided and their abilities misused. A politiciannamed Alan Rake conducted a campaign "to protect the people" from thepercieved malevolence caused by the enhanced humans. In his campaign he talkedabout laws applied to humans and laws applied to animals and how enhancedhumans were not included in either. The idea spread quickly and in the eye ofthe public, enhanced humans became lawless. Several years later EH's (enhancedhumans) are on the run. Dismissed from the military (atleast officially),concidered a pest by the public. Alan Rake, who as taken a high position withinthe administration seek to end the menace once and for all and returneverything to what it was before EH's came along. He wants them gone, whipedaway. He wants them dead. From being concidered a break-through in science,almost worshipped they are now the lowest ranking living form on the planet onto which no laws apply. They are outcasts and now they are hunted.