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  • YOMi
    A new experience in Toy Design to allow visually impaired and sighted children to play together.

  • YOMi means You and Me will be friends forever

  • Problems:  

    Children with impaired vision ;

    •  Are currently lacking in opportunities to play together and with normally sighted children.
    • Are limited in their ability to visually observe social interaction.
    • Ultimately can experience a negative impact on social development due to limited or normal social interaction.

  • Hypothesis: 
    • Provide opportunities for visually impaired children to play with sighted children.
    • Allow all children to have the opportunity to enjoy playing with each other.
    • Enhance communication ability and improve social skills based on the above.

    Target Users:

    • 3-5year olds
    • Visually impaired children
    • Sighted children

  • Current Market Analysis: Current Products for visually impaired Children

    • Benefits: Provide some stimulation, ability enhancement and improvement in skills.
    • Limitation: Are designed for individual interaction and not for group use .

  • Current Market Analysis: Current Products for Sighted Children

    • Benefits: Provide group interaction opportunities, allow for some physical exercise.
    • Limitation: Rely on vision, A lot of movement, Not suitably for visually impaired children.

  • Design Opportunity:

  • Gathering Information & Design Keys

    • Gathering information required intensive research of literature, observing children’s daily lives and interacting with them. I observed both visually impaired and sighted children and analyzed the differences and common behavior patterns between them
    • Based on my research the I came to the conclusion that a toy for both groups of children should include: Audio, Tactile, and Visual stimulation.

  • Initial Concepts

    After gathering tons of information, I did lots of initial concepts, and show these concepts to experts and parents, let them to help me to select the concepts.

  • Initial Concept Development & Prototypes & User Testings
    • Experts helped me to select the initial concepts, and I developed the concept: Music octopus, which inspired by different instruments and octopus shape. 
    • The initial prototypes with different materials and user testings helped me to be objective to this project.
    • Through user testings, the advantages and disadvantages came out.
    • Advantages
    • Interesting 
    • Shape is good for engagement 
    • Exercise 
    • Disadvantages: 
    • The center cylinder is too big  
    • Need to provide different levels to play 
    • Need more stimulation expect sound and lights.

  • Concept Development & Secondary Prototypes & User Testings

    • Base on experts feedback and the initial user testings, I developed " Music Octopus", children can assemble each hands of octopus and create different shapes, it allows children play in different levels and goos for their imagination. 
    • Advantage:
    • Good for engagement
    • Provide different ways to play in different age group.
    • Disadvantages:
    • Dangerous
    • Sighted children will create more shapes than visually impaired do.
    • Did not focus on audio.

  • New Approach:
    • Industry experts gave some very useful information about this design: “Children love to play games. It’s a general rule in the toy industry that a game should have four players/users to interact with the game and other players. 
    • “Electronic sounds and lights with some sensory feedback is a possible design direction”. Those information help me to improve the design in the correct direction.
  • Prototypes & User Testings:
    Through user testings, children who are visually impaired and sighted like the design. And they interact with each other by playing with YOMi

  • Final Design 

    • YOMi is a toy which can provide audio games for visually impaired children and sighted children to play together.They can follow the directions and do the actions to make sound effects. 
    • Yomi can provide light and vibration to them. In order to give them sensory stimulation, let them interact with YOMi and each other.

  • Design Details:

    Four different hands exploded view, children can touch and feel different shapes, and visually impaired children can read Braille on surface.

  • Working Principle

    • Insert game card to YOMI 
    • Pull out hands of YOMi
    • Hold YOMi's hands
    • Press start button
    • Select level
    • Game information will delivery to each hands
    • Hand will provide light and vibration to children to mention them which action they should do.
    • Children do different actions in order to keep game continue.

  • Final Model 
  • Thanks for watching, all the pictures and photos belongs to author and Blind Babies Foundation & Chandler Tripp School. Please don't copy. Thank you.