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Widget (Reatrix)

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  • The purpose of Reatrix is to learn about chemical reactions in a fun and unique way. It is a tool that allows the user to learn about how certain chemicals react with each other. This widget also considers the safety precautions that go along with science experiements, take caution when actually mixing chemcials on your own.
    There are 4 icons along with Reatrix. Periodic table, converter, mix, and safety.
    Periodic table:
    The periodic table allows the user to learn about any element on the periodic table. When you click on the periodic table icon the periodic table pops open displaying all of the ele- ments. When you click on an element another sub box slides out of the periodic table which gives information about the element that you clicked on.
    The converter icon is a mole to grams converter. It allows you to convert the number of mol- ecules a certain element has into grams. (Example: Say you want to make 6 moles of ele- ment AB, how many grams do you need? There are 10 grams/mole, so that’s 60 grams. The converter is just a simple tool to help you save a lot of time when converting moles to grams, isnce it can be a long process to do manually. The converter is a tool to save time.
    The mix icon is the fun part of Reatrix. It allows you to mix any element you wish on the peri- odic table with another. You can change the amount of each element to see how different amounts affect the reaction. It’s a fun but education tool. You can mix any element and learn about the reaction and why it reacted that way.
    The safety icon is an icon that informs you about the safety precautions that go along with mixing chemicals. It’s an important thing in chemistry and science in general, even though this is a widget. *Please take caution when mixing your own chemicals at home and in the lab.