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    Branding, packaging, web, advertising, and print design for Westland - handcrafted drums.
Photography: Vera Bettencourt
Westland - handcrafted drums is a company looking to make his mark in the music market with their batteries made ​​entirely by hand, to ensure the best sound through the materials used.

The work consisted of the construction of their identity, packaging, web design and advertising.
The logo

The typography was designed based on the types used in drums in the 20s and 30s, which were the great years as regards the construction of great drum sets.
Thus, the logo aims to convey the idea of ​​quality passed down for generations, with a hint of what the future may also add, to get that rich sound that sits on the first beat.
The Westland drum badge and the special edition snare box.
Advertising for the brand.