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  • “A warrior acknowledges his pain but he doesn't indulge in it.
    The mood of the warrior who enters into the unknown is not one of
    sadness; on the contrary, he's joyful because he feels humbled by
    his great fortune, confident that his spirit is impeccable, and
    above all, fully aware of his efficiency. A warrior's joyfulness
    comes from having accepted his fate, and from having truthfully
    assessed what lies ahead of him.”
    ― Don Juan Matus
  • “His brow is seamed with line and scar;
    His cheek is red and dark as wine;
    The fires as of a Northern star
    Beneath his cap of sable shine.

    His right hand, bared of leathern glove,
    Hangs open like an iron gin,
    You stoop to see his pulses move,
    To hear the blood sweep out and in.

    He looks some king, so solitary
    In earnest thought he seems to stand,
    As if across a lonely sea
    He gazed impatient of the land.

    Out of the noisy centuries
    The foolish and the fearful fade;
    Yet burn unquenched these warrior eyes,
    Time hath not dimmed, nor death dismayed.”
    Walter de la Mare
  • “If you are a warrior, decency means that you are not cheating anybody at all. You are not even about to cheat anybody. There is a sense of straightforwardness and simplicity. With setting-sun vision, or vision based on cowardice, straightforwardness is always a problem. If people have some story or news to tell somebody else, first of all they are either excited or disappointed. Then they begin to figure out how to tell their news. They develop a plan, which leads them completely away from simply telling it. By the time a person hears the news, it is not news at all, but opinion. It becomes a message of some kind, rather than fresh, straightforward news. Decency is the absence of strategy. It is of utmost importance to realize that the warrior’s approach should be simple-minded sometimes, very simple and straightforward. That makes it very beautiful: you having nothing up your sleeve; therefore a sense of genuineness comes through. That is decency.”
    Chögyam Trungpa
  • “The hardest thing in the world is to assume the mood of a
    warrior. It is of no use to be sad and complain and feel justified
    in doing so, believing that someone is always doing something to us.
    Nobody is doing anything to anybody, much less to a warrior.”
    ― Don Juan Matus
  • “Warriors should suffer their pain silently.”