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  • Often I find myself struggling to exist between parallel universes. Within my artwork I have tried to unite these universes by creating unique images which combine mundane materials like food colouring and vaseline with darkroom photographic paper. The three elements are left to react with one another under the heat of the sun. The colourful pigmentations and complex structures are the results of nature's own creative skill.

    I contrast this universe with the current state of affairs: the digital world. By photographing each result individually, I am able to create single layers which can subsequently be joined together. With photoshop I am able to alter the hue and contrast of the images in order to portray complex relationships which surround me. Some of the creations include a hint of a past image, which at times reflects complicated relationships I choose to keep secret.

    In the end, the basis of my work is inspired by Renata Buziak, who focusses on the process of natural decomposition and its effect on photographic paper. But, the core source lies within my own life story. I create a vague depiction of a colourful yet sometimes harmful childhood. Memories of ecstatic smiles and care-free bodies floating in a field of green grass and bright flowers, contrasted with moments of pain and horror, and tainting by the overpowering mistakes of terrorism and injustice.
  • Kindred Soul.
  • Life's Progression.
  • Blurred Boundaries.
  • Metamorphosis.
  • Untempered Bliss.
  • It's Unconditional.
  • Secretly Destructive.
  • Youthful Reminiscents.