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Visual Schoolbook – M.A. Graduation project

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    Visual Schoolbook

    a book about Graphic Design for the youth

  • “Visual Schoolbook”
    is an educational book addressed for the youth, precisely for Gymnasium students. Both the book and its content have been designed and written by the author. The idea for the book derives from a real problem and an attempt to solve it,which is the lack of an educational publication about graphic design for young people in Poland. It was made in particular, for the youths that don’t receive education in art schools.

    “Visual Schoolbook”is an answer to the surrounding reality, in which design is everywhere and plays a crucial part in our daily life. It's quality affects the effectiveness of communication, its transfer and consumer behaviour. Understanding what design is, makes the recipients appreciate its power and notice the huge value it has. The book is a work of a graphic designer, it wasn't created to speculate,but to explain how design naturally exists in the reality. One of the projects purposes was to communicate the role of efficient design,which isn’t only concerned with the form, but, first of all, is socially responsible. Individual work on all aspects of the book,allowed to verify my knowledge and skills in the field of graphic design on many levels. It also required consulting in a wide range of topics, like graphic design theory, language and later typography an educational illustration for the youth. The consumer of the book is barely 13 to 16 years old, which puts him in the group of the most demanding readers. Because of that fact, written content in “Visual Schoolbook” was limited in its volume to a required minimum, while still aiming to deliver a precise and comprehensive message. Bearing in mind the potential audience, the language used in the book was chosen carefully to build a dialog with the young reader.

    The use of Skolar typeface is deliberate, because it was designed for use in educational materials. “Visual Schoolbook” was made in digital printing technology, on 120 paper weight, hard cover,sewn and finished canvas on the back. Format 26 / 22 cm, 200 pages.

    The book was selected with the best 40 graduation projects from Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary. All of them have been published in 2+3D (Poland) magazine, TYPO (Czech), 1977 (Slovakia).