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    Like a silent observer of everything that surrounds me. My work is asatire of the weaknesses of our society. I want to make a statement andconfront the spectator with a reality they don’t want to acknowledge.
    Through the years I’ve been drawing and making a NYC Journal aboutwhat I saw and felt while discovering NY. 
    Paper-bags draw my NY skyline. They are the only thingsthat all New Yorkers share under the same conditions without being amatter of gender, race or religion. From the Millionaire to thehomeless, we all at certain point of the day had had a paper bag in ourhands. Wherever you look you see either somebody with a paper bag or apaper bag by itself on the street... is it the urge to consume the only thing that unite us in this city?
    Allmy drawings are born from a coffee stain, these stains remind me ofpoliticians; of famous people, and of the people I see everyday walkingin the streets.
    To create this series Irecycled the paper-bags I found in the streets of NYC.For me the paper bags are a mirror of our society: they representour double standards and moral as well as our waste of the natural resources.

    Unveiling NYC is a series of 250 drawings.

  • Sharing. 2004
  • Sancho Panza for President, 2003
  • Robert Moses, The Power Diva. 2001
  • The Best Pig in Town, 2001
  • All About Politics, 2002
  • Mirror, 2003
  • Sky-lie, 2001