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Typography Booklet

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  • 'Typography Booklet' - Tipex drawn over a photo I found in a magazine.
  • 'Apple' - Sharpie drawn on to apples. I traced the type on to the apples and then filledit in with a Sharpie.
  • 'Stitch' - White thread stitched in to textured red paper. I traced the type on the back of the page so you can't see the outline on the front.
  • 'Toast' - Type burned in to toast using tin foil to mask the area where the text is while it toased under a grill.
  • 'Sweets' - Type cut out of black card using a scalpel with sweet wrappers behind it.
  • 'Flower' - Small images of botanical drawings of flowers I found collaged together in the shape of the letters.
  • 'Wire' - Wire coiled up to form the shapes of the letters. I stuck this to the page using a glue gun.
  • 'Paper' - Origami letters made with patterened paper.
  • 'Paint' - I used mesh dipped in blue paint to create the background and bubble wrap dipped in red paint to make the type. I cut out a stencil with the letters in then pressed the bubble wrap on top to create the letters.
  • 'Colour' - Jelly beans arranged to create the letters of the word.
  • 'Silk' - blue thread stiched on to patterned paper.
  • 'Jelly' - Mashed up jelly arranged to create the type.
  • 'Glue' - I used a glue gun to trace around the edge of the type on blsck card.
  • 'Pins' - Thread wrapped around pins stuck in foam board to form the shapes of the letters.
  • 'Felt' - Felt stitched on to fabric using a sewing machine.
  • 'String' - I used a glue gun to stick pieces of string to the page in the shape of the word.
  • 'Blue' - Blu Tack molded in to the shape of the letters.
  • 'Light' - I cut the type out of black card using a scalpel.
  • 'Type' - I cut out the letters of the word and loosely stuckthem to the page. I them painted over them with blue paint and removed them from the page to show the space behind.
  • 'Bake' - I baked cookies and Iced the lettering on to each one using writing icing.