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  • Ties of Love
    Bringing the Dogs of Colombia under the same family: A line, a tie, a Single Union.
  • Brief:

    We needed to develop a poster inviting dogs owners in Colombia to go to and become part of our “Dog Chow's Ties of Love” social campaign. For each dog owner who registered in our website, a stray dog would receive a supply of Dog Chow food along with all the love that he needs. This is how we began to create a nationwide tie of love that would bring all of the dogs and dog owners of Colombia under the same family.

    Debíamos hacer un afiche que invitara a los dueños de perros en Colombia a ingresar en para ser parte de nuestra campaña de bien público "Lazos de Cariño Dog Chow".


    We found 20 specialized pet supply markets all throughout the city of Bogotá in which people are not allowed to bring their pets inside the store. The dogs are usually left at the entrance, tied to whatever the owner might find while they shop. This is where we found the opportunity to create a poster that besides inviting our target group, reaches out to their pets and into our Tie of Love.

    En Bogotá, encontramos 15  Supermercados Express a los que nuestros consumidores asisten con sus mascotas, pero al no poder ingresar con ellas deben dejarlas fuera. Creamos un afiche que además de invitarlos a participar, extendía nuestro lazo hacia sus mascotas, así mientras hacían las compras interactuaban con nuestra pieza.


    We found a plastic artist that meticulously crafted our design onto a board of wood using the most refined pyrography techniques. The illustration was developed using a style commonly knows as "Continous Line", a technique that often gives the sensation that the entire illustration was created using a single line or stroke. This is how we were able to fashion a design that brings many dogs from different breeds together with a single line. The design ended with an actual tie at the bottom corner of the poster where people could actually attach their dog to our poster and thus become a part of Dog Chow's Ties of Love. 79% of the people used this aperture, creating their tie with their dog, and the 100% of them joined our website.

    Encontramos un artista plástico que elaboró uno por uno nuestros 15 afiches, mezclando técnicas de pirograbado sobre madera y con una ilustración hecha con una misma línea, unía a varios perros de muchas razas. Su diseño terminaba con un lazo real donde la gente podía unir nuestro afiche con sus perros. El 75% de las personas utilizaron este afiche, creando el lazo con su perro, y de estas, el 100% se inscribieron en nuestra página web.
  • Dog Chow's Ties of Love: Behind the Scenes
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