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The Scroll of Constitution

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  • Every religion has a story to tell, and at a glance, when one looks at a religious artwork,
    one may see an angel and a demon, and get a rough idea on how the religion works. 

    Pulling several traits out of my being and turning them into mystical entities, I hope to express how I work,
    as a person, essentially creating my own little religion, that tells a story of myself. 

    Here is the scroll that constitutes my being. 
    The Subject

    The center of gravity in the world of these 3 creatures. This entity is myself. 
  • Logical Creature (Owl)

    The compilative representation of the logical and systematic side of me as a designer. 
  • Instinctive Creature ( Chameleon)

    Nothing comes to mind, but everything goes to plan. A reflection of the side of me that plays things by ear. 
  • Inspirational Creature (Lemur)

    The external being that has been there from the very start, feeding me with random spouts of inspiration, the unmanned steering wheel of my wearisome voyage as a designer. 
  • Final Artwork.
    The lines that you see in the shaded areas were done stroke by stroke.