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'The Road Trip'

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  • The Road Trip
    Crazy Productions Films
  • Poster for the film 'The Road Trip'
  • This is our main project for thesummer of 2011 - the feature length comedy 'The Road Trip'.

    Crazy Productions in association with FOW Pictures andNorton Productions take you on a road trip! Four friends take a road trip down toLondon to see their low budget film being screened at a film festival in thehope that they will win an award. The journey however doesn't go smoothly. A seriesof events and catastrophes brings them to breaking point and threatening theirrelationship and put the film's future in jeopardy.

  • First Teaser Trailer 'Oh when the saints...'
  • The idea behind this film came aboutfrom actual events. As a group, we all make films together, and enjoy doing so.Two of us Film Makers, and the other two Actors. From traveling to variouslocations for filming, a great many occurrences have taken place that fuelledus to put them down on film for the world to see. Humours antics, jokes andpranks reflect what happens or could happen on a real road trip, while exaggeratingit for satirical purposes.

    The film has been on the go for over 4 months. It is yet to be completed with afew scenes missing. The predicted date of release is now summer 2012.

    Starring: Tom Bancroft, Tim Keogh, Liam Dunne, George Pearton, Sam Norton

    Produced by: Liam Dunne
    Executive Producers: Crazy Productions
    Edited by: Crazy Productions
    Directed by: George Pearton & Liam Dunne
  • Second Teaser Trailer 'The Bike'
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