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The Nomad-New Kind Of Smartwatch.

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  • The Nomad:

    Watch movies, games, sms, and much more!
  • The The Nomad is a NEW kind of smartwatch or a phone watch into one of the worlds coolest bands with speaker, USB, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and flexible green technology. No difficult assembly or hassle to figure out any user manual. After many different designs, testing, and creative process, i have taken this to many many people to get their 100% honest opinions. I got the same response every time..."It's Just Cool!" I wanted to make a product that was both universal, fits all wrist sizes, and can be worn with any outfit at any time. I really hope that everyone can help me bring this dream to a reality.
    • The Nomad will not only allow you to play music and use it as a watch, but able to play Angry Birds, watch movies, you tube, Skype, phone calls, and much much more. Even take it on a plane, train, bus, or anywhere! (Note: Some of these features only apply to the Phone watch(which can be implemented)
    • The Nomad is a simple to use smartwatch in design. It will allow any user of any age to use this smartwatch or phone watch, and simply wear it to transform those products into a loud speaker for music, games, music, and much more. It has an easy charging station , and simply is a cool device.
    • The Nomad is primarily designed to enhance the simplicity, style, and overall interface of the smartwatch/wristwatch/sound system.
    • The band is made from Eco-Friendly and recycled materials. The speaker and other internal electronics will be made from the same materials used in the iPhone and other high quality devices for the best possible sound and quality possible.
    Thousands of BIG NAME companies have tried to corner the market with "standard" watch designs, but as of now...we, the people, will change that image. This is specifically engineered for the best and most comfortable use. Designed for Multi-Touch, Radio, MP3, Movies, and High Def color display. If someone wants to use it as a watch, they can. If someone wants to use it to match their outfit, they can. If someone wants to watch movies on it without ear buds, they can.
    I need you to help make this dream a reality. Indiegogo has given me the opportunity to present this technology and fashion forward accessory. I am looking for the support to manufacture and distribute this amazing new product from local supplies and businesses. With your pledge of $99 or more, you are Pre-Ordering your very own smartwatch, 1st edition Nomad.
    "You will Never Set it and Forget it"

    Get yours today: