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The Athens Metro

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  • The Athens Metro
    Instagrams I took this last two years. From Sep. 2011 to Sep. 2013
    It's there for a reason and I just love it. I don't usually post any photos to Behance but I felt that sharing my trips all around the Athens metro could have some value. Take a look at my instagram profile here
    Also note that all captions are as posted at that instant.
  • Doukisis Plakentias station, Athens metro. Sun rays | Sutro
  • Writing. Panormou metro station, Athens | Hefe
  • Game of throne poster in Athens metro | Hefe
  • My student John waiting for the train on the Ambelokipoi metro station platform, Athens | X-Pro II
  • Ambelokipoi metro station, Athens. Poster by | Earlybird
  • Attiki metro station, Athens | X-Pro II
  • Waiting for the metro train back home, Athens May 2012 | Rise
  • Exit. Acropolis metro station, Athens. | X-Pro II
  • Sleeping/waiting for the Athens metro... | Brannan
  • Man in Athens metro | Brannan
  • God save the books. Friday night ride, Athens metro. | X-Pro II
  • Morning coffee at the metro. Actually drinking beverages is not allowed but who gives a shit. | Hudson
  • Athens metro. | Brannan
  • Athens metro.| X-Pro II
  • Exit. Sygrou Fix station.| X-Pro II
  • Just Wait. Athens Metro.  | Sutro
  • Three men and a dog. Thissio station. | Valencia
  • Goodbye Greece. Waiting for airport train. Doukisis Plakentias metro station | Sutro
  • Exploring the new station. Ilioupoli metro station. #Athens | Sutro
  • Walk the line. Cholargos metro station #Athens | Lord Kelvin

  • Purple bike. Syntagma station #Athens  | Valencia
  • The classic newsstand, at the Omonia train station #Athens | Rise
  • Choreography. Omonia metro station #Athens | Brannan
  • Waiting at Monastiraki, train station #Athens | Lo-fi
  • Some morning newspaper read. Athens metro #Athens | X-Pro II
  • The emperor's shopping. Sygrou Fix metro sration, Athens #Athens | X-Pro II
    The emperor's shopping. Sygrou Fix metro sration, Athens #Athens  
  • Rush hour. Syntagma metro station Athens #Athens | X-Pro II
  • The long wait. Syntagma metro station #Athens | Lo-fi
  • Walking on ice. #Athens Syntagma metro station | X-Pro II
  • dimkanello Descending. #Athens metro, Acropolis station | Hefe
  • dimkanello Smart suit. Athens Metro #Athens | Lo-fi
  • Advertisment for the newspaper "6 days", Athens metro | Normal
  • 007 skyfall, Athens metro | Hefe
  • Morning light. Ag. Antonios station, #Athens metro. | Sierra
  • Waiting. Ag. Antonios station, Athens metro. #Athens | Valencia
  • Passengers waiting for some time, Syntagma, Athens #instathens | Hefe
  • Monday morning. Athens metro, Syntagma sq | X-Pro II
  • Taking a nap, Athens metro. | Earlybird
  • Are we there yet? Athens, metro #instalifo #athens #greece | Valencia
  • 5 more minutes. #athens #athensmetro  | Sutro
  • Waiting on the platform. #Athens. Metro, Syntagma | Lo-fi

  • Priest in the metro, Athens | EarlybirdHefe
  • Worlds apart. Daphne station. #athens #athensmetro #instantathens | X-Pro II
  • Morning chat at Plakentias metro station platform, Athens  | X-Pro II
  • Small talk at Syntagma metro station, Athens | Normal
  • Bird and people. Athens metro | X-Pro II
  • Stretching at the acropolis metro station platform, Athens | X-Pro II
  • Taking a seat, at syntagma metro station, Athens | X-Pro II
  • Smart phone and nice coat, Athens metro | X-Pro II
  • Reading together. Athens metro | Sutro
  • Man reading at the Athens metro. | Lo-fi
  • Reading. Athens metro | Hefe
  • Some ancient statues at acropolis metro station, Athens | Brannan
  • Descending. Ilioupoli metro station. #Athens | Lo-fi
  • Exit at monastiraki station, Athens | Sierra
  • Monday morning. Athens metro  | Valencia
  • Pair. Athens metro | X-Pro II
  • Ambelokipoi metro station entrance, Athens | X-Pro II
  • Back from work. Athens metro | X-Pro II
  • Train is here at doukisis Plakentias station, Athens | X-Pro II
  • Nesquick cup. Athens metro | Normal
  • This pole is mine. Athens metro | Hefe
  • Man walking. Lottery tickets for sale, omonia station, Athens | Normal
  • Going up, acropolis metro station, Athens | X-Pro II
  • Escalator. Athens metro | Normal
  • Keramikos station, Athens | Lo-fi