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  • Aspens on Guardsman Pass in
    late Autumn, after the first snow

    This was a cold, overcast day just after the first
    snow in November. Using a long focal length in the
    shot foreshortened the perspective of the trees
    and emphasized the three basic colors of the image:
    the white of the snow, the golden beige of
    the bark, and the black of the underlying wood.

    Camera: Leica V-Lux 2
  • Approaching the California Coast at dusk.
    Decreasing altitude preparing for the approach to the airport, the haze, and depth cues
    made for a peaceful scene.
    Camera: Sony NEX-7
  • A group of Parrots in Rajasthan, India
    This ancient patio in the middle of a Rajasthan forest was the setting for
    a gathering of many parrots (parakeets?). Their bright colors contrasting
    with the lone pigeon made for an interesting composition.
    Camera: Mamaya with a Phase One P65 back
  • Horse Brasses, Portobello Road, London

    This image of “Horse Brasses” on an outdoor stand
    on Portobello Road struck me because of the
    random placement of the objects and wonderful
    reflections from the brass caused by the flat light of
    the overcast day.

    Camera: Sony NEX-7
  • Interesting trees in Rajasthan, India
    I came across this unique jumble of vines and twisted trunks in the forrests of Rajasthan.
    They make for facinating textures and patterns.
    Camera: Mamaya with Phase One P65 back
  • Fireworks, Los Cabos, Mexico

    Most images of fireworks are very predictable. I like
    this one because of the uniform color, the mixture
    of smoke and fire, the directional light traces, and
    the tiny mini-explosions that give the image textural

    Camera: Sony NEX-7
  • British Museum contributions box, London

    The British Museum has a large Plexiglas box used
    to collect contributions from the public. The randomness,
    and regularity of the currency and coins
    caught my eye, especially when the image does
    not disclose the context of the environment.

    Camera: Sony NEX-7
  • Cobblestones, Avignon, France

    These stones have been in place for many centuries.
    I was struck by their wear patterns, the subtle
    diversity of colors, and the contrasting detail of the
    intermingled vegetation.

    Camera: Nikon D-300
  • Old fence in Sante Fe

    Walking through Sante Fe, we came upon this
    old fence where the weathered sticks were wired
    together. The subtle grays and detail of the wood
    lined in a row make an intriguing visual experience.

    Camera: Nikon Coolpix S630
  • Gathering of Hindu Women, Jaipur, India

    Coming upon this scene in India, our entire family
    was amazed by the color and festivity of the occasion.
    The back lighting from the sun made all the
    fabric shawls radiate intense color.

    Camera: Mamaya Phase One P-65
  • Lawn Bowling Balls, Portabello Road, London

    The antique lawn bowling balls with their carving,
    richness, lighting and patina provide an interesting
    example of shape and texture.

    Camera: Sony NEX-7
  • Guanajuato, Mexico

    From an high opposing hill above the city, one can
    see the very colorful buildings of Guanajuato.
    In this picture, they form a mosaic of bright colors.

    Camera: Sony NEX-7
  • Spring trees, Midway, Utah

    This was a surprising scene to encounter. The trees
    of winter with the purple cast of their bark and
    limbs, provided a backdrop for the intense yellow
    green color of the new growth that was encouraged
    by the water running in the channel of the

    Camera: Fuji Fine Pix 6800
  • Study mannequins, Tate Modern Gift Shop, London

    When I came across this table of mannequins in
    the gift shop of the Tate Modern Museum, I didn’t
    touch anything, but instead, jockeyed the camera
    to isolate this happy random grouping.

    Camera: Sony NEX-7
  • Pigeons in the square,
    San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

    These pigeons were flying very fast around a
    square in San Miguel. It was very hard to get a shot
    that did their formation justice. I am happy with this

    Camera: Sony NEX-7
  • Marva’s Pumpkin, Bridgton Court Garden, California

    The amazing texture of the surface, the subtle
    orange variations in color make this close up of a
    quite large pumpkin, and stem, visually interesting.

    Camera: Sony NEX-7
  • Jane’s Cafe, Macchiato, San Francisco

    Marva and I were sitting and having coffee.
    I noticed the contrasting black and white circular
    pottery and linear shapes of the tiles along with the
    detail of the rich brown foam in the cup - a great

    Camera: Nexus Galaxy IIIS phone
  • Jain Temple Wall, Ranakpur, India

    Anyone who visits the Jain Temple in Ranakpur
    is struck by this massive masterpiece of intricate
    marble carving. As my wife, Marva, said:”It is like
    the marble is embroidered.”

    Camera: Mayama, Phase One P65
  • Wild plants, Sierra Nevada Mountains

    On a hike in the mountains above Lake Tahoe,
    just as the snow was melting, we came across a
    remarkable field of bright green plants. It was as
    though they all started growing at once as the
    snow disappeared. The sun was shining from the
    back which enhanced the brilliant green color of
    the new leaves.

    Camera: Nikon D-300
  • Stone House, Guanajuato, Mexico

    Down a back alley in GuanaJuato, I came across
    this charming, very old house. The unusual, almost
    random pattern of the stone gave the building its

    Camera: Sony NEX 7
  • Snow Mist wake at slow speed, Lake Tahoe

    At sunset, when Lake Tahoe is calm and the sun
    shines on the mountains on the east shore, the
    wake of the boat, moving slowly west, causes
    beautiful reflective combinations of sky and sunlit
    land on the rhythmic wave pattern.

    Camera: Sony NEX-7