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Terminal 4

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    Aleksandar Bezinović

    year: 2011
    technique: combined: canvas 200 x 200 cm, metal leaves, acrylic, bitumen, website, QR codes, texts, monitor
    website design: Dubravko Šiškić

    The subject of this work is poly-semantic interpretation of the heart as a central terminal organ that transfers information and emotion in the context of informative technology. A figurative meaning of the heart embodies a symbol that goes beyond the borders of the organic functions into almost every sphere of life experiences.
    Number four in the title is taken from the spiritual aspect and represents the number of heart chakra as a means of communication through energy.
    A title "Terminal 4" represents the heart as an access point of cohesion in a healthy and direct communication.
    In this work a painting of the heart metaphorically revolves around itself. A motive of a human heart painted on a canvas gains a role of an icon that leads to the database through the  written concepts.

    Data is gained through five written concepts that include aspects of the function, interpretation and meaning, and have a generated QR code leading us to website pages adjusted to cellphones and other portable devices. Hand painted 2dimensional applications of  QR codes can be read using a portable smartphone devices such as iPhone, equipped with an easily obtained application. After the code is scanned, software automatically directs the user to a website containing graphical elements of a QR code. In that way a 2dimensional medium of a painting becomes a specific hyperlink system.
    An interaction of an observer and this work, with a help from QR code, is marked as graphical impulse that gives life to an inner being of it, changing it both visually and statistically. A viewer influences creation of a complex graphical scheme that indicates frequency and direction of interactions within the web page by scanning any of the five concepts on the monitor (function, anatomy, symbolism, philosophy, spirituality).

    Database on the web page contains partial texts about the heart by various Croatian authors, found on the net. All the texts are in Croatian language, but this work has a multilingual potential. With every text there is a link of the source and from there we can move through virtual universe of the web, pumping information into our life and giving directions to our deeds.
    As opposed to reason, a heart symbolically implicates an open and direct communication and "free movement through all the layers of reality" (M.Eliade).
    Concepts used to define scientific and symbolical aspects of the heart can be used to analyze piece of art and the man himself, in thought and culture of a certain era.
    Former controlled communication mechanisms of information and  knowledge exchange are replaced by public system that is hard to control. Nowadays, information is available to almost everyone, directly and openly, while containing stream of contradictions and hidden hazards. Information is chosen by the speed of message, proximity and more by their emotional clue then intellectual.

    The analogy between vascular system and web is an indirect association, and the viewer, scanning QR code, is symbolically transforming web into prolongation of a vascular system thus, by consuming it, directly influences alteration within the website.

                                                                                          Aleksandar Bezinović