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Leo Burnett Cannes Predictions 2010

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     Сannes Predictions 2010

  • TaraKanny is a place where the bad ideas used to gather. The exact location has not yet detected but it was reliably established the link between a human and the TaraKanny. That link are the cockroaches.
    They appear in our minds and provoke us to create bad ideas, trying to control our minds.
    Its very easy to recognize the cockroaches in the head of another person. But to treat them you must to start the therapy with yourself. External effect is paralyzing the cockroaches in the minds of surrounders and assists an overall recovery.
    So the slightest apparent of cockroaches activity in surrounders immediately switch on your brain and start to use it to inspire others to do the same.
    Remember: the cockroach is not so dangerous as  his carrier. Thats why we invited everybody to switch on their minds at the "Cannes Predictions 2010" to make a surestep to recovery.
  • Cockroach "GLAMOURLON"
    Subtype of "Radical" cockroaches.
    It lives in skull’s cavity. Pretend to be a brain. Responds gratefully for chemical means.
    Signs of presence — a constant wish that everything to be “over-rich”.
  • Cockroach "KARMABUG"
    It lives in Astral.
    Eats karma, and blocking a sahosrara by it's layings.
    Signs of KarmaBug presence: carrier dulls often.

  • Cockroach "VUDAK"
    Subtype of  "Vudulaza" cockroaches.
    It lives in arich inner world and raise stupid ideas. Signs of presence — a constant need for nicotine and caffeine (food cockroaches).
  • Bad ideas are multiply rapidly!
  • It’s a bad idea to mess with cockroaches.

  • Turn on your brain, cockroaches are afraid of the light!
  • Project: Cannes Predictions 2010
    Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Kyiv, Ukraine
    Creative Director: Claus-Steffen Braun
    Art Direction & Illustrations: Natalia Smirnova, Anton Kostenko
    Copywriter: Oleksiy Morozov
    Video: Yulia Basko
    Published: June 2010
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