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    (No Plugins, No Gradient Mesh, No Tracing, No photoshop)
  • Very Happy to be invited to exhibit at the BOTTLENECK Gallery 's Feb. 7th group show "IT CAME FROM 1984".
    A themed show about movies from 1984 that have had a huge impact on relevant pop-culture.
    Ironically, I decided to choose "The TOXIC Avenger" because 14 years ago- TROMA films gave me my first Art Director position ( here's a very old toxic avenger vector ) and helped further my commercial design career.
    Cheers to Troma, CHeers to all of you.
    The Toxic Avenger is a 1984 American superhero film released by Troma Entertainment.
    It's about a skinny nerdy guy called Melvin, who is tormented daily by anyone and everyone who visit the gym that he works at in Tromaville New Jersey-USA. Finally one day, he's tricked into wearing a pink tutu and kissing a sheep. He is chased around the health club by other customers and jumps out of a second story window. He lands in a drum of toxic waste which immediately causes severe burns and disfigurement. Despite the burning chemicals even causing him to burst into flames, Melvin survives and stumbles home. Drawing a bath to try and scrub some of the chemical residue from his horribly scarred flesh, Melvin begins his transformation into a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength. And is transformed into the TOXIC AVENGER.

  • below: Time lapse of vector build up from weekend Facebook session.
  • Below: Vector outlines
  • Below: Vector Anchor Points
  • Below: MACRO TOXIE with vector anchor points
  • TOXIC AVENGER / $50.00
    UPDATE: Prints go on slae Saturday Feb 8th- please check with Bottleneck Gallery.

  • Below my signature Vector-HAnd-Transfered - onto Wood
    1/1 TOXIC AVENGER 17" x 24" x 0.5"
  • TOXIC AVENGER -Vector on Wood / $1700.00
  • Thank you for your visit / Gracias por su visita.
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