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Street Vendors

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  • “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” ― Winston Churchill
    I have always admired those who have the courage to tread the uncharted path to create their own. And amongst those that have done it are the very people that I have photographed below, the street vendors, that have inspired me to produce this set of photos in my portfolio, for posterity.
    In essence, when everyone else are celebrating and partaking in the celebrations of the evening, these few individuals are taking the opportunity to gain economically out of it. It is this can-do spirit that I always try to reflect upon myself as something that I should do more. And no, it does not necessarily mean in a context where monetary values and economics are involved, but more so in other contexts too, where the ability to set up and set forth your own terms, whilst leveraging on the existing conditions, should be something that I should try to do more of.
    These street vendors have indeed been able to identify these opportunites, and needs, of the masses, to gain economically. The question to me would can I apply such a concepts in other contexts?
  • The above 2 pictures are of the ice-cream vendor, who did a brisk business selling his wares on a hot, stuffy evening. It helps that he is very mobile, in his motorcycle-attached ice-cream set-up.
  • The set of 4 pictures above are of a mother with a child in tow, in a stroller beside her. What amazes me is her ability to calm her daughter, whilst being able to sell her wares to her customers at her make-shift stall. It took me a while and several shots to get these few photos, as the location of her stall is pretty heavy with human traffic.
  • While others work alone, the man above roped in the help of presumably his daughter, to help him with the evening's sales. Yes, it is another ice-cream stall, but the man above is doing pretty well too. I suspect it could probably also due to his location, and his offerings. Definitely different.