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Strawberry demo commercial - (animation)

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  • I made new composition. I realised that purple is quite beautiful color in this scene. I don't have favourite colors, i love them all so that's why it is hard to find the "correct" color for scenes.
  • Background test
  • Updated version. Other simulation try. I noticed after finished this simulation that wet maps were off, because i was created scene again with the new project in realflow, and i did forgot to set wet maps output on... =(

    It (the wet maps output) was activated in the older version, but because that file did corrupted i was have to do it again from clean scene setup.
  • Maybe i will try this kind  of background in second version... With vignetting effect? Maybe.
    This is version 2. Still in progress...

    I must still create the top for the strawberry, I know, it's missing... :)
    I will have to do Wet map, improve the shaders/materials and lighting.
    Also I'm gonna try to do new simulation with realflow, better one.
    And I migth add motion blur in composition.
    And maybe some glow effects if it looks like it will need it for the final version.
  • This is work in progress, i noticed that i can't upload videos to real wip projects so i added it for new project. I will update this project when it progress. I have other projects too which will slow this project but this will be public one.
  • I noticed that it is important to generate noise to video when it will be exported from 16 bit / bpc to 8 bit / bpc.
    Here's the video with grain and without grain. Color "gradient artifact banding" test.

    It was quite hard to find answer to this (gradient with steps - to - smooth gradient when you export 16 bit to 8 bit) problem because i didn't know the real name of this problem. So i learnt new thing today. Nobody told me this in the school, i think that finnish school system suck, almost everything had to be learned by yourself if you are learning media-assistant or medianome program in Finland.