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Star Trek Online - REDLINE

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  • Star Trek Online - REDLINE
    Episodic Weekly Mission Pack

    For: Hobby
    Date: 18.02.2012 - unknown
    Extent: Everything
  • REDLINE is a small modding/content creation project I started recently for Star Trek Online (STO).

    Star Trek Online is an Massively Multiplayer Online RPG and offers a quite unique feature for its community called "The Foundry".
    The Foundry is a modding toolset for User Generated Content (UGC) for the community. Essentially the community can create their own adventures and share them.
    The Foundry uses game-assets stored on the server while giving the possibility to build your own levels, script encounters via triggers, create branching storylines and dialogue as well as combat encounters.

    While the toolset is still in its beta phase (v0.5) it gives you a lot of options how to create content, from space to ground, prehistoric settings to future space exploration.

    Star Trek Online is free to play so the content is available to be viewed by everyone.
  • Purpose

    So why exactly did I start this project?
    Well I treat this as an exercise in world-building, narrative-construction, map-making and content delivery.

    I use the Foundry as a tool to prototype certain narrative ideas or gameplay-mechanics for future projects. The Foundry is intuitive and easy to use while also being very simplistic, this makes it necessary for me to limit myself and plan what I want to achieve within the set framework.

    Some solutions are simply not available in the toolset so it is an exercise to work with limitations, which is relevant to every project.

    Another thing I use the toolset for is finding out how to deliver content that is both challenging and fun without being tedious and "grindy". I want to find out how narrative flows best and how it meshes with gameplay, specifically combat.
    If I design an encounter, would I rather have it be a single tough battle or a slaughter-fest with many weak enemies? Should combat be frequent but meaningless or rare but meaningful? When do I use which?
    These are the questions being tested.

    Of course additionally I want to learn how to use triggers, structure a narrative in game-terms and deliver a good story to boot.
  • Branching dialogue in-game.
  • Part of  the branching dialogue in editor
  • Enemy encounter in-game.
  • Map-design in editor with encounters, dialogue, NPCs and event triggers.