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  • Stadtgeist
    City Machines and Monsters
  • This is an on-going personal project, exploring different cities around the world with my camera, taking parts of them and recreating them in a way that expresses something about the city. 

    Some of the work is commissioned by individuals or organisations in the cities in question and all of it has been featured in publications like Dutch Airline KLM's iFly magazine, Advanced Photoshop, Photoshop Magazine (Netherlands) and Der Bildbearbeiter (Germany). 

    A few of the images have also been used as the subject of Photoshop tutorials I have written for websites like PSDtuts+ and various Photoshop magazines.  
  • Sasquatch Reborn - Exploring the city of Seattle, USA.

    The North American version of the Sasquatch (Bigfoot) legend started in this area, that combined with the high tech nature of this part of the States and I had the basis for my concept for this city. Seattle represents the headquarters or starting point for companies like Boeing, Amazon and Microsoft among a host of other software companies.
  • Behemoth - Hamburg, Germany.

    Hamburg is a beautiful city, although it is one that you could very easily leave thinking otherwise. Hamburg is a machine that runs on the back of it's heavy industry, most visibly that of it's enormous shipyards. 
  • The Dutch Contraption - Amsterdam

    The first time I visited Amsterdam, the 2010 Football World Cup was in full swing and as a result the city was a riot of Orange and Dutch flags. Combined with the heavy presence of bicycles, wind turbines around the city and some of the most amazing architecture I have even seen and you have the machine you see above. 
  • The Bureaucratic Machine - The closest thing to my home city, Canberra is the political centre of Australia.

    Powered by billions of tax payer dollars and leaving a trail of red tape and paperwork in its wake, the beautifully landscaped bureaucratic machine that is Canberra, the Capital of Australia, lumbers forward causing endless debate and confusion wherever it goes...
  • Cloudcity - Munich, Germany.

    Munich struck me as a very proud city - everywhere there are signs of old power - statues of powerful men and triumphal arches. This makes sense as Munich was once the capital of it's own Kingdom. More recently it is the home base for iconic German companies such as BMW.
  • The Great Reef Serpent - Townsville, Australia.

    Thanks to consecutive mining booms, the only deep water port along the great barrier reef and tourism, Townsville is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. A lot of people hate on Townsville, I lived here for a couple years and I quite liked it, particularly the tropical climate. With all this growth and wealth coming into the city quite a bit of money is being spent on developing the culture and art scene in the city as well. I have tried to show these aspects in my work.
  • Another travel based collage, I shot this imagery while waiting around in multiple airports for hours.