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Song Of The Broken Soul

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  • Song Of The Broken Soul
    Client: Personal
  • People loves listening to music. Especially from their favorite bands. Great band and artist influences their fans. Music affects our mood through our sense of hearing while illustration communicates with us visually. 

    People can enjoy and listen to music without knowing the lyrics, and people can view an illustration without knowing the meaning behind it. When music combines with illustration, people will get to understand get the feeling of it directly and communicate with what the artist want to express. It creates an environment which will take the audience into a different world. 

    Therefore, I use the elements from the lyrics to create an illustration and link them together to create a story and the color brings out the mood. Such as my illustration for the music “Broken Soul” by Mayday, there are few elements i used to bring out the story of a girl with a mere smile outside but a broken heart and soul inside. She is listening to the music and the band keeps playing the song in her mind. It brings back her memories and past emotions. A broken heart and piano in a circus and an endless merry-go-round gives the feeling of neverending pain and unchasable dreams. The flying balloon and sticky papers with a fake smile shows that she is trying to let go of her pains bit by bit through time. 

    By telling out a story from the music, an illustration can really interprets musical tracks and bring the mood out from it.

    Artwork by: James Voon
    Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Auto-desk Sketchbook Pro