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Sofia Monsters - Guide

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  • Hi there,
    In present days Sofia city is not an uncommon destination for creature hunters. This is my journey trough this forsaken place. I hope it comes in handy.
  • Deserted buildings are a great place to star your search for gnomes. I'll keep it on the outside cus these little friends are  really ferocious in the winter months.
  • Tucked away places like this are quite tempting hideouts for some demons. I seem to be out of luck this time.
  • Even I would hide in this house if I was a perky enough gremlin.
  • Interdepartmental places are not uncommonly hinabited by some creatures.Interdepartmental places ar not uncommonly hinabited by some creatures. Keep an eye on your laundry.
  • Better lock your windows.
  • Old structures and soc monuments are often filled with hungry metal eaters.
  • Churches have been the cosy home for all kids of pests in centuries.
  • You better keep your head up cus rooftops are not uncommonly inhabited by some winged beasts.
  • You might think I've missed this shot but these widowmakers are pretty hard to catch so I'm quite proud of this one. Try to stay close to pillars so you can promptly change your position if it attacks. You don't want to find yourself dead-ended by one of these firebreathers.
  • Apples - trolls favourite food.
  • Old rusty metal fences are a beloved meal by some creepy fellows. 
  • You can often find someone hiding tightly hugged between old buildings
  • This is more than obvious a troll mark. It was still fresh so someone has been hiding there not too long ago before i checked.
  • This meal seems extra crispy.
  • Old public baths are a great place to find urban krakens.
  • I've managed to capture one on film without getting too close. Those tantacles are even longer than they appear so try to keep distant.
  • Some sticky monsters tend to leave quite obvious marks for the trained eye.
  • Damaged walls are not an uncommon sight in cities populated with various creatures. This obvious tear is only one of many!
  • Some of the more severe creatures get too hungry. Try NOT to get in to places that seem too... delicious...
  • Camouflage is not uncommon in some species even in the bigger ones so keep your eyes wide open cus someone might be watching.
  • THE ENDand good luck!