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Shift Mobile for iOS Concept

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  • Shift Mobile: An OSU Student
    Wellness Community

    Designed by Gabe Tippery & Richard Wanjema - Spring 2011
  • "Every Single Day we Make Thousands of Choices. What time to wake-up, what to eat, how to get from A to B. Each has a unique impact that ripples throughout time. BUT what if there was a way to shift your perspective and capitalize on all those small opportunities?
    That’s what Shift is about. Small impacts that, over time, enhance the well being of a student’s life. Shift is a journey through your collegiate experience. It’s a game about living well that’s fun, easy, most of all, engaging."


    This mobile concept was developed as an interactive .pdf and as a standard slide presentation that could be used by the client to generate interest in the project and demonstrate the possible interactions and interventions that it could facilitate within an undergraduate student's daily life. The focus was on demonstrating possible interactions and capabilities of the system that would be developed. The goal was to produce images that could be used to tell a story. With this in mind, these were intentionally created with a low-level of branding so as to not deter interest based on aesthetic choices by the design team, but with a high enough level of fidelity that the viewers could realistically envision what Shift could become.
  • The presentations walk the viewer through the entire engagement process that a user would encounter. This starts with an email new students will receive after completing a Wellness Assessment in which all new OSU students are required to participate.
  • iTunes Store
  • Logging into the system - The app is designed to tightly integrate with the existing OSU network to allow relavent data about the individual, such as their Wellness Assessment scores and course schedule, to be pulled in and built upon within the experience.
  • Shift Mobile allows the user to build a profile, connect and communicate with peers, plan activities, check into events, and earn stamps that represent their accomplishments within nine pillars of wellness. They can also keep track of their wellness statistics to improve themselves and compete with their friends and the OSU community.
  • Shift Mobile allows the user to add personal, sponsored, and academic events to their Activities calendar. These events contribute to the users nine pillars of wellness to various degrees. The user can invite friends to join them in the activity and share their activities to the Shift network as well as their various other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or LinkedIn.
  • Shift Mobile allows the user to explore and discover activities based on their current location, then find out more information about the sponsoring organization and how this activity will positively effect their wellness scores.
  • Shift Mobile encourages the user to seek balance with the activities they participate in. In this case, Suzy can see that she is currently scoring a bit low on her financial wellness as compared to her other pillars. By touching the "Financial" slider, the Shift network will suggest to Suzy activities she could participate in that will increase her Financial wellness. These might include things like scheduling a meeting with an OSU Financial Counselor, attending a free lecture by the Economics Department, or participating in a workshop about responsible financial budgetting put on in her friend's residence hall. 
  • Shift Mobile also allows for the development of an ecosystem of plug-ins, through an open API and utilizing "in-app purchasing,"  that allow the user to customize their experience and add functionality to the app. These would be developed by various departments and organizations who have an interest in promoting wellness within any of the nine pillars. For example: The OSU Varsity Cross-Country team might design a plug-in that help students track their running and offer information on safe stretching and training habits. Who knows, maybe it would also suggest good routes to run in the area... or organize running groups... the sky is the limit. 
  • This graphic, created by another member of the Shift team, gives a sense of the scope of the 9 Pillars of Wellness used as a backbone to the Shift concept.