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  • "Shelter"
    3D Mixed Media Sculpture   
  • My brief was to create a conceptual mixed media sculpture taking inspiration from associative aspects of a particular organic object, in my case, a pineapple, and transform them into something wholly different.

  • Initially, I decided to work with "structure", the fruit itself being made up of dozens of smaller fragments, each being something in it's own right.
  • This made me think of skeletal structure, how it becomes a new entity by the some of it's parts while each piece is still significant.
  • The skeleton also shares the aspect of "protection" with my chosen fruit, so I decided to incorporate both aspects in my final concept.
  • I played with the idea of the skeleton being used to protect things other than the body's own vital parts and arrived at the concept of the structure housing smaller creatures, in this case, birds.
  • An obvious pun emerged in the term "ribcage" and the project began from there.
  • I first created each individual vertebrae by cutting a Coca-Cola can in half, bending it into shape and adding wire mesh to create the added form.
  • I then covered these in plaster of Paris and connected them all with wire.
  • I created a sternum, sacral bone and coccyx with card and papier-mâché before covering them in plaster of Paris.
  • The ribs were created by cutting pieces of pipe insulation foam in half and shaping them with a knife, then connecting them to the other pieces with more wire and coating them all in plaster of Paris to create one large structure.
  • The piece was then hung from the ceiling and coated in several layers of hot wax to add texture and colour.
  • The birds were found objects that I painted and covered in feathers, then attached to the structure with hot wax.
  • At one point, the wire holding the piece to the ceiling snapped and the entire structure came crashing to the floor. The structural integrity of the piece became compromised, myself and my tutor spent the entire day desperately trying to repair it. Given that the internal structure was comprised entirely of cheap metals which had either been cut in the building process or post-fall, both of us acquired a number of nasty cuts and blood was literally shed. We managed to save the piece though.