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    "The primary focus of a chair is you can sit in it, while it’s secondary function is to embody a set of aesthetics or values, or to communicate a message or opinion. The secondary function of design is the primary function of art: this is where the two cross over."   - Angus Hyland, Pentagram London
    This chair was designed as part of Hank Richardson's Design History Class. The form and function are informed by both the values from the American Modernist art movement and a personal story. 
    This chair is formed by two angles coming from different directions that cross, but don't touch. Alone, these angles would not form a chair that could be sat in; It is the leather seat and back that create a bridge between these two different paths to make sitting possible. A person may lean on the back part for support, or use the arms to push oneself forward when its time to move on, using different parts at different times just as we draw on different knowledge to help us move forward in different situations. 
    This perspective is informed by my experiences as a woman living aboad, mostly in china. The side view resembles the female radical in the mandarin language: 女 
    Materials: walnut oak and leather. 
    Special thanks to Spencer Bigum for the awesome rendering.