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Selkirk Mental Health Centre

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  • Selkirk Mental Health Centre

    Extended treatment courtyards, neo-behavioral courtyards, dining/common area, and way-finding courtyard for a mental health treatment and rehabilitation facility in Selkirk, Manitoba.

    Role: Lead designer, responsible for site assessment, exterior program development, and preliminary site and courtyard design.
  • Image 1: Preliminary Design - Extended Treatment Unit Courtyard
  • Narrow Space Challenge: A narrow space surrounded by walls makes it feel gloomy and uninviting. Long winters mean these courtyards will not be used much of the year. 

    Opportunity: Sun shadow pattern analysis facilitated the placement of gardening planters along the sunniest part of the courtyard (right side of Image 1). Chairs and tables can also be moved to accommodate the sun, and extend use of this courtyard into the shoulder seasons.
  • Image 2: Preliminary Design - Extended Treatment Unit Courtyard
  • Patient Mobility Challenge: Patients mobility ranges from immobile and wheelchair bound to ambulant. Opportunity: Built-in benches with backrests, armrests, and heal space areas are ergonomically designed to assist sitting and standing up.Moveable chairs and tables can be arranged to accommodate any size of group and family members. Raised gardening planters accommodate both wheelchair bound and ambulant patients.

    Depressing Environment Challenge: In a foreign environment where they are surrounded by illness, patients feel more depressed and discouraged, compounding mental challenges that they're already dealing with.
    Opportunity: Gardening is a therapeutic device that brings a sense of productivity and relevance that is often missing in the lives of these patients. Plants, particularly trees, are a symbol of strength and longevity that is crucial to the healing process.  Gardening planters for patients, ornamental plants, and a tree have been incorporated.

    Water Challenge: A water feature can be hazardous because patients will try to climb into it, or urinate in it.
    Opportunity: Water is used to create a calm, soothing atmosphere,and is placed so it is visible but inaccessible.
  • Image 3: Site Suitability Assessment - Summary of Site Analysis
  • Image 4: Site Suitability Assessment - Summary of site selection criteria