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  • [Samsung Laptop Design]
    M.Sc. Advanced Product Design,
    University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
    Form, Shape and Colour Design project - 2011

    A live project for the Samsung Corporation based in Seoul, South Korea.

  • [The Brief]

    Develop a new design concept for a SamsungNotebook PC that embodies your design philosophy and which also reinforcesthe new brand identity.
  • [Early Sketches]
    Early sketches of a Samsung business laptop before research just to explore ideas
  • [Group Project Phase]
  • [Market Segmentation]
  • High level segmentation
  • Samsung laptops categories:—
    -Thin & Light
  • Target Market: Business Category.
  • [Focus Groups]
    Brand Deconstruction Tool with selected focus group from the target market
  • 2 Focus Groups for business target market was performed; one for studying Samsung as a brand and the other for understanding of laptops themselves.
  • Focus Group 1 - Understanding Samsung the brand.
    Picture 1 shows the group cutting out any picture that is related to them visually or emotionally to Samsung
    Picture 2 shows the group looking and analyse what they have just selected and describing them with adjectives.
    Picture 3 shows the filtration process of the keywords (adjectives)
  • Focus group 1 understanding of Samsung the brand boards.

    Keywords 1: Elite + Inspirational
  • Focus group 2: understanding Mr. Laptop!
  • Focus group 2 understanding of Mr. Laptop boards

    Keywords 2: Stylish + Dynamic
  • Analyzing and summarizing focus groups 1 and 2, a Samsung business laptop shall be:

    Elite & Dynamic
  • Market reputation of Samsung laptops with competitors as seen as the target market (left) and the aspiration of the new branding strategy.
  • [—Concept design brief] 
    According to form form alignment methodology, developed by Prof Hyun Kim, Korea University, an Elite and Dynamic Design should include:

    - —High degree of curvature
    - Length and texture
    - Emphasis of details with regularity and repetition 
    - Sense of stability but movement
    - Surface pattern. 

    —However, it will havean absence of:

    - Thickness, weightand bulkiness
    - Contrasting features
  • [Individual Project Phase]
  • [Design Consultancy Group]
    The concept design brief was given to a group of undergraduate students with guidance and supervision of me, as a design team leader, to form a design consultancy group.

    The group produced number of ideas on sketches and basic blue foam prototypes and were guided to develop their ideas towards the right track that serves the design philosophy.
  • Sketches and ideas of the Design Consultancy group
  • Basic foam prototypes of the Design Consultancy group
  • [Design Development]
  • Concept 1: Ultimate
  • Profile study
  • Advanced Profile study
  • Cover Study
  • Fine profile details
  • Keyboard and keys design
  • Rhino Models development
  • 3d model render with Keyshot
  • Colour selection
  • Concept 2: Streamline
  • Concept sketching
  • Basic foam prototype
  • Basic Rhino model
  • Basic Rhino model
  • Render with Keyshot
  • [Reverse Focus Group]

    The 2 concepts were presented to the focus group and individual form the potential target market for feedback.

    Following feedback and comparison with the Concept Design Brief that follows the research, new brand identity and philosophy, Concept 1: Ultimate was chosen for further development.
  • [Final Concept]

    CAD Model and Render
  • Medium Fidelity Prototype
  • Work in progress - CNC output
  • Work in progress
  • Final medium fidelity prototype
  • Final medium fidelity prototype
  • Final medium fidelity prototype
  • Final medium fidelity prototype