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  • This conception presents a vision of a family car inspired by the 60s of the 20th century. Its basis is
    a family, room and comfort. These three elements have been placed into the car´s interior in the utmost.
    The interior of the car itself has been designed as a whole which thanks to the springing increases the  comfort of all the passengers. The shape of the rear and front part eliminates the bumps of other vehicles and protects the crew by lifting itself.
    As the conception has been inspired by the 60s, a bigger emphasis has been put on the comfort, room and luxury, but the emphasis on the safety has not been ignored in the least.
    The 30 degrees sliding back-seats are the most noticable components. They can be moved simultaneously backwards and upwards which creates a really luxurious view for the passengers sitting at the rear.
    Their moving is not carried out mechanically but thanks to the intelligent material with a shape memory the effect of a rippling carpet is achieved. The structure of the material reminds of a cell scaffoldig which spreads out and shrivels up.
    There is a sunroof or we can call it a shield above the seats which enables watching the television placed on the top of the roof. The screen is applied by the transparent OLED display.
    It is ideal to watch this TV when the seats are reclined.
    In the rear on the both sides there is switchgear for the multimedia and also extensible working place.
    The dashboard is another important part as well. The main idea of this part is as though a transition from the exterior to the interior which creates an impression of a coupling. There are vents placed at this part.
    This unit arouses an organic feeling and also breathes in the soul of a live automobile where the central tunnel passes as far as the rear part and disappears in the back seats.
    The switchgear is placed on the OLED touch-displays which are symetrically arranged. On the left side there is the information for the driver; in the middle there is switchgear and on the right side there is switchgear for multimedia and also a display in this part creates as though a case for the glove compartment.
    Thus the dashboard creates an impression of wholeness and neatness. The driver can arrange the parst of the switchgear such as radio or GPS according to his own wish.
    Thus he strenghtens the feeling of an organic automobile and the vehicle is promoted almost to a family member or a pet.
    Solving the problem of a storage space is a part of the conception. It is a single unit which is chassis-mounted, flexible and its capacity can be changed when needed. 
  • co-operation - Lukas Pastir, Lukas Szucs, Vladimir Babjak 2010