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  • This project was designed for an exhibition we had in CSM, focused in the future and
    technology. My topic was the stem cells which are unspecialised cells, that grow into
    specialised cells. In 1988, Dr H. Gluckman achieved the first successful stem cell
    transplantation, opening the way to cure more than 100 diseases. Unfortunately
    private banks mislead people to preserve their babies' stem cells for later use,
    even though possibilities are 0.000333%. Thus, public banks lack of stem cell units
    whereas specialists claim that only 10% of the population could cover the need!
    The lack of stem cells meets the solution in the dynamic of the social network.
    Thus I designed an interactive installation with live audience, to illustrate
    a metaphorical donation in which people were cutting and dropping plastic dots
    in a tank, till 10% of the tank was reached.
  • My approach to the digital poster of the exhibition.
  • Some footage of the exhibition