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  • S.A.S.K.E
    Stealth Action Stealth Killer Extreme
  • This  is the first game me and my friends made for our simulation developement class, it is called Super action stealt killer extreme or S.A.S.K.E for short . It is a top-down shooter w hich gives the player four different scenarios. modes to playthrough.  I did all the programming , scripting, and level design for  the game which culminated to 20 + hours of work spread over a 2-3 weeks time period . I also created the game design document and set the time table for how long it would take to develop.

  • In scenario one our players goal is to get to the end of the level without being captured by the enemy  , the players speed is slightly increased because  the player is completely unarmed. the level is designed in such a way  that smart players can easily avoid being seen by most enemies.
  • In scenario 2, our players speed is slightly reduced but the player has limited ammo to destroy the enemies with. The goal is to either escape from the area  without being captured  or to defeat all of the enemies within the level.  This level was created to be a bit more tricky, there are still areas for the player to hide but there are also wide open areas the player must cross to escape the area. the question is, do you fight or do you run ?
  • The final scenario  is a pure combat based simulation ,  the player speed is slightly enhanced  and the player has unlimited ammo, the goal is to destroy all the enemies, no ESCAPE. This level was the trickiest of all, the player is placed In the center of 12 enemies and  there are very few places to hide . The only way to win is to outsmart and defeat ALL of the enemies.
  • Our bonus scenario / level is just for fun. the players speed is its highest, they have unlimited ammo but they have to fight a tank that deploys enemies enemies and shoots at the player when they are within  sight. The player has places to hide but they have to be wary of the location of the tank and any enemies patrolling the area. The player wins if they hit the tank 15 times and force it to explode.