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Role Models? BFA Exhibit

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  • Role Models?
    The Influence of Pop Culture on Children
  • I wanted to explore gender representation in modern toys andthe influence of pop culture via quotes from popular TV shows, movies andcelebrities. I have taken photos of specific areas of the bodies of the toys Iwant to emphasize and pieced them together to create a whole piece using adynamic composition. Through experimentation in prior projects I havediscovered I really like taking pieces of things and making them whole. I think taking pieces and juxtaposingthem heightens awareness of specific traits and helps create the overall mood.I want my compositions to have an eerie tone to help create the idea that thesemisrepresentations of gender attributes according to pop culture show false ideasgiven to kids of how they should look. Breaking up the composition pinpointscertain areas and gives a better sense of how many things are wrong with thetoy. By being able to dissect the toy into pieces shows numerousmisrepresentations in the piece and not just a minor flaw. I added the productdescription to the background toshow how the toy is marketed in a “positive” way. I then wanted to bring in popculture references that lead to misconceptions of how people are supposed toact and look as well as make the work more aesthetically interesting. This iswhere my headline quotes from popular TV shows, movies and celebrities come in.I picked quotes from TV shows, movies or celebrities that I felt the toyrelated to. This shows how repetitive the messages pop culture sends are andhow it uses different medias to send them.
  • "I did not have breast implants, I just had a growth spurt." -Britney Spears, Singer
  • "People talk about my hair all the time. It's strategically tousled." -Ryan Seacrest, American Idol
  • "Pretty little thing, in her way, wasn't she?" "I hope her bones are firm." -Karl and Doctor Pretorious, Bride of Frankenstein
  • "Your tour ends here. Get the fuck out." -Bret Michaels, Rock of Love
  • "This ain't the Brady Bunch, bitches. This is the Bad Girl's Club." -Tiara, Bad Girl's Club
  • "Having a baby, it's like being in prison." -Briana, 16 & Pregnant