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Ritgh to health, right to live

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    A vision in paper that faces the first world regarding life. Deaths that happen every 3 minutes due to the economic unbalance and the lack of resources in underdeveloped countries. Nowadays there is a demand on public health and more equitative public health systems, integrated and fair. There is a need of a perspective more integral regarding the eficiency of the whole of the health system. A reivindication of the right to health, the fight against preventable diseases that do not offer the opportunity ti live to newborns, like tetanos neonatal, a disease produced by the infection of the umbilical cord, due to the lack of resources and hygiene during birth. Deaths that happen every 3 minutes, according to statistics of UNICEF. A right not had by everybody.

    A reflection about world health. A formal representation of the countdown of the lifes of african children. The reading
    of the article 12 of the human rights, the right to enjoy the greatest degree of health posssible, the 3 minutes you spend reading, 3 minutes in wich a child dies because of tetanos prenatal. The world health, is crossed by a red linem substitued
    by a name, a country and a time reference, represents the life of a dying child, without having the right written in the legal article. Communicating to the world using the Times font, we reinforce the divulgative value of the message. Anothe typography, Trade Gothic, sans serif, generates a second reading level. Red becomes protagonist, the color of alert,
    an exclamation, a siren and spilled blood that we must stop. At the end of the text, we find a chronometer that signals
    3 minutes, indicating the death of another child and the description of a lethal disease. A human right that is not working and needs to be the object of analysis for betterment. Turning the leaflet, we find a divulgative part, a message of hope,
    the project presents an envelope, a letter to the world, with legal content, a letter destined to avoid their deaths, a solidary the front it reads "Right to health, right to live", the of a reality.
    The envelope is closed by a red string, keeping the chromatic coherence. When we open the envelope, we find the article 12 the right to the highest attainable standard of health, upon revelaing the hidden article, a chronometer appears, signaling zero, the countdown has started for those children that do not have the chance to live.a sentence by Kofi Annan, general secretary of the UN (1997-2007), Kofi always has been very energetic in his fight for human rights.