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Rev•o•lu•tion - Mu•ti•ny - Re•bel•lion

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  •  rev•o•lu•tion
    A forcible overthrow of a government or social order for a new system. (in Marxism) The class struggle that is expected to lead to political change and the triumph of communism.

    An overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed. Sociology - A radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence.



    An open rebellion against the proper authorities, esp. by soldiers or sailors against their officers. Rebellion against any authority.

    An attempt to put an end to the authority of a person or body by rebelling: "the peasants rose in revolt".



    The period between childhood and adult age. The state or quality of being young, esp. as associated with vigor, freshness, or immaturity. the condition of being young. The period of life from puberty to the attainment of full growth; adolescence. The first or early period of anything: The business, even in its youth, showed great potential.

    An act of violent or open resistance to an established government or ruler.The action or process of resisting authority, control, or convention: "an act of teenage rebellion". Open, organized, and armed resistance to one's government or ruler. Resistance to or defiance of any authority, control, or tradition.