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Republic Commando II (Game Development)

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  • I'll proudly admit that I'm a big Star Wars fan. That being said, I also love various videogames set in the Star Wars universe including the underrated title of Republic Commando that was released for X-Box. I was always wanting a sequal to come out, but it never happened (RIP LucasArts) so I came up with my own plotline for a sequel using the characters developed by Karen Travis in her novel series. The following images are my first attempts at my venture into the realm of concept art,
    which I will continue to explore.
  • I started with sketching on paper, thinking about scenes I would want to see for each mission. This Mission would involve The squad infiltrating an ememy battlestation to retrieve navigation data, fighting their way from the hanger to the bridge.
  • I wanted to include an assassination mission on a dense urban world, and Nar Shiddaa provided the perfect environment with it's towering buildings and underworld activity. Above, I tried to capture the vastness of the cityscape, while in the sketches below, I thought of some key scenes for the mission story. 
  • Insertion into a dark ally near ground level
  • Navigating through catwalks high above the roofs away from wandering eyes
  • Escaping from the penthouse where the target was as explosions follow
  • Nar Shiddaa Concept
  • Quiilura Concept
  • Space Battle opening shot
  • Breaching the Command Deck
  • Alaris Prime Wookie recon post.
  • Alaris Prime Concept