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  • The original Renault 4 was a marvel in utility. My Renault 4Ever concept pays tribute to that usefulness in the most honest and pure way. The bodypanels are upcycled from aluminium from discarded aircraft. The modular back is fully made of reclaimed plastic waste and dyed through. The materials are left uncoated and unpainted to make re-use possible and easy. Screws & rivets are exposed for simple disassembly. The aluminium also has a brushed texture to hide scratches and age gracefully. The car does not need polish and reduces the water needed for washing.
  • The bumpers consist of numerous modular bodypanels. This makes it easy for the owner to replace damaged areas without having to replace the entire bumper.
    This also allows for customisation and unique bodypanels e.g. containing a license plate and so on.
  • The flat cabin floor and rail system allows owners to fully customise the interior according to their needs. Electrical vehicles are very silent and vibration-free. This reduces the need for excessive insulation and upholstery. In my concept, the interior upholstery is sourced locally and can, for example, be hemp fabrics. This reduces the carbon footprint and allows for a wide diversity of locally relevant designs around the world.
  • The car is fully electric powered and the Lithium-Ion powercells are produced from recycled laptop & cellphone batteries. The car is low and compact. Thin wheels reduce roll resistance. However, a wider wheelbase provides more stability and a more appealing stance. These features also increase interior space and allow three people to be seated next to each other.
  • Shortlisted in Top 50 on Designboom competition - out of 3392 entries: