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Remember This... And You Will Live A Good Life

  • 1971
  • 59
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  • Remember This... And You Will Live A Good Life
    Travelling exhibition, Nemaska and other Cree communities
  • "Something will be lost. It will all be flooded. Remembering how happy they were here, I'm sure people will not be amused, but I believe it won't help if we look at it that way." - Noah Wapachee

    In 2005, part of the Eastmain River in northern Quebec was flooded to produce electricity. Home to the Cree communities for more than 5,000 years, hunting lands were then flooded. To make sure the youth wouldn't forget where they were from, the Cree Regional Authority decided to produce this exhibition in which the elders tell their story and explain how they used to live, fish and hunt on the river.

    "Rememer this... and you will live a good life".

    Travelling from school gymnasiums to arenas in various Cree communities, the exhibition was designed to facilitate its integration in different spaces. Its design evokes the shaapuhtuwaan, a large tent housing several families. Each interior panel represents one of the ten seasons in the Cree culture. For each season, an elder speaks to the youth in the form of a quote and the season main activity is explained and located on a map of the Eastmain area. The exterior panels are used for history content as well as for genealogy trees.

    All graphics were printed on canvas to evoke the material of the shaapuhtuwaan.
  • Building the exhibition at the shop in Longueuil
  • Exhibition Opening in a school gymnasium in Nemaska, northern Quebec
  • Elders Gallery
  • Interior of the shaapuhtuwaan - Seasons panels
  • Late Spring - Preparing for Summer and Giving Thanks
  • Youth Gallery
  • Moses Families genealogy tree
  • Mettaweskum Families genealogy tree (close-up)
  • Timeline - Number of Cree sites in relation with Cree history
  • Map showing flooding area and locating Cree sites on the Eastmain river