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  • Reboot 
    C U T  T H E  G L I T C H .  G E T   T H E  K I C K . 
  • DESIGNED AS a potential sub-brand for WIRED magazine and its dedicated fan base, Reboot is aimed to enter the market of ready-made coffee/espresso drinks alongside existing brands such as Illy, Seattle’s Best, and of course, Starbucks. Part of differentiating the Reboot experience was getting down to the core of the target demographic – the avid readers of WIRED, the late-night video gamers, the cyberspace junkies – essentially the techie crowd that loves and seeks the energy and the sweetness of a late night brew... in a can. Though this may be perceived to be a niche market, research found there to be plenty of space for entry into the coffee sphere, especially with younger generations growing into an increasingly electronic world.
  • THE AIM OF THE DESIGN of Reboot was to illustrate subtle parallels between humans and computers. Computers and electronics run on electricity, and people run on an assortment of energies – the specific being the delight of caffeine, an energy source both wanted and needed by consumers. That coffee has been a staple in people’s lives for hundreds of years necessitated a vintage-modern aesthetic for the design, so a mid-century feel was adopted with a rectilinear pattern, which may be interpreted as computer circuits. The color palette is limited, keeping within hues that resemble and evoke images of coffee and energy. The logo is a custom lettering to reinforce the structured imagery, though the packaging is cylindrical to balance the rectilinear forms.

    I F  Y O U  L I K E D  I T ,  H I T   T H E   B U T T O N   B E L O W !