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    Branding / Web Design & Development
  • Reading Local is a network of websites devoted to promoting local literary communities across the country. The site started off as a humble blog covering the Portland literary scene, and with our help, expanded into a completely redesigned, interactive platform that provides:
    • simple solutions to promote literary events and new releases
    • a directory of local literary entities, including: bookstores, authors, poets, publishers, libraries, literary non-profits, writing programs, reading series, lit journals, and more.
    • a curated collection of links to relevant stories
    • commentary on news concerning the local literary communities we cover
    Update: Unfortunately, Reading Local is no longer active, and has now been abandoned by its site owner. Heartbreak aside, we had a lot of fun working on this project and think the results are still worth sharing.
  • PREPARATION // Gathering our favorite tools: notebooks & writing instruments
  • WIREFRAMING PROCESS // We prefer to work out concepts on grid paper before taking the digital route. The latter may be less time consuming as well as more forgiving, but as traditional hands-on designers, we feel it's important to be able to execute initial ideas with the most basic of tools: paper & pencil. Plus, it was just really fun to sketch out the wireframes while sipping cocktails at one of our favorite bars. (We find that our best ideas tend to emerge spontaneously outside the office anyway.)

    BRANDING PROCESS // Like our wireframing process, our logo(type) sketches always begin on paper. We usually carry around notebooks everywhere we go to document an impromptu of words and images. The sketch shown on the lower right, the fourth and final logo concept, was realized on the way home from work one rainy day and happily captured on the tiny Rhodia pad.
  • FINAL LOGO // The crude sketch was polished off in Illustrator and presented to the client. Luckily for us, it was met with instant love and approval. (This was our very favorite concept, too.) Reading Local is about bringing communities together through reading, and we felt the mark above conveys just that.

    * Type set in H&FJ's Gotham Black
  • LANDING PAGE // The Reading Local platform initially launched in Portland, Oregon, with planned launches in other major cities. To build awareness and anticipation, we designed a landing page with an interactive US Map and callouts to the next three cities in line for launch.
  • LAUNCHING SOON PAGES // Each city has its own "Launching Soon" page, which includes a gorgeous shot of the city skyline and a live progress bar that lets the public know how close it is to being unlocked (based on the target goal of 500 subscribers).
  • PORTLAND HOME PAGE // The Reading Local theme was designed to be uniform across each city, with the home page acting as a snapshot of each literary community.
  • MAIN MENU // Dropdown menus are color-coded to visually distinguish between sections and establish a sense of wayfinding.
  • NEWS & FEATURES HOME // Featuring the latest news and features from each category.
  • EVENTS PAGE // Events (as well as Directory listings) are driven entirely by community generated content.