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Rainbeam - A Solar Installation

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  • An urban installation developed by Lorenzo Cercelletta, Davide CocchiTaddeo Zacchini at IUAV Interaction Design Lab held by Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor.
    0. Abstract
    Rainbeam is a light installation. A grid of tiny mirrors reflects the sunlight on the wall below. As people move through the alley the projected beams of light bounce at their passage like raindrops on the wall. The lights change colour and shape as the sun changes position during the day. 
    1. Space and Time
    The installation is thought to be placed in Calle dei Albanesi - next to Palazzo Ducale - mainly for two reasons:
    - the north-south axis alignment
    - its darkness during the whole day except for midday

    2. Mood
    According to the behaviour of people walking up and down the alley the light projections would either be very dynamic or quite static. Nonetheless, since we are dealing with a natural element embedded within an artpiece the feeling is supposed to be always delicate.
  • Rainbeam v2.0 at Venetian Industries Festival 08 (CSO Rivolta, Mestre)
    Who did what
    Concept: Lorenzo Cercelletta
    Brainstorming: Lorenzo Cercelletta, Davide Cocchi, Taddeo Zacchini
    Design: Lorenzo Cercelletta (graphics, sketches), Taddeo Zacchini (logo study), Davide Cocchi (3D) 
    Coding: Davide Cocchi (Processing, Arduino)
    Physical Computing: Davide Cocchi (Arduino), Lorenzo Cercelletta (Arduino)
    Prototype / Scenography: Lorenzo Cercelletta, Taddeo Zacchini