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Rabbids Revenge (Unity 3D Personal Project)

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  • Rabbids Revenge
    "No Rabbids were harmed during the developement of this game"
  • Rabbids Revenge is a third person Action-Adventure inspired by  several game series including th mario games, Gex, and fur fighters" game series . It is also my first non-tutorial  unity project. I wrote all the scripts and implemented all of the assets in this game from the skybox to the character inputs.  I retrieved all of the models from the amazing artists at turbosquid  and I do not claim ownership over the rabid character in whole or in part ( please don't sue me ubisoft).
    Unfortunately I had to retire Rabbids Revenge , I just started it so long ago I don't see myself ever picking it back up but I created a very similar project in Lenzo's HHaloween Adventure another 3D Platformer that I did actually get to finish . thans to my friend Houston Rogers who provided me with a few models for this project as well !
  • this is the first screenshot I took when I was prototyping a follow  function based off the Rabbid interacting with a collision sphere placed around the yellow cube.  The blue capsules were instantiated  at a certain point and followed the Rabbid.. I also played with creating my own skybox ( clouds in the background) and  also wanted to play with the particle emitter a bit.
  • After two days of obsessively working the prototype above became this. I have implemented several scripts  including script to make the carrot meshes rotate, I gave the camera a function where it actually focuses solely on the Rabbid character, I tweaked my partcile emitter settings and I like how they render and appear on camera much better now.   I also applied the terrain  textures, imported several other meshes to begin designing levels, and am expirimenting with a rotation script to give the  appearance of a continuous sunset and sunrise cycle. 

    Still several features i am looking to include such as sound effects, a text indication of the number of carrots collected  (more than just the carrot label in the upper left-hand corner) some platforms, and more!
  • Here I have begun adding onto the GUI, each rabbit head represents one health point , and you can see the carrot icon as well as the current carrot count in the top left-hand corner. aside from that I am still tweaking the enemy wolve and bear A.I. . they spawn correctly and they move towards the bunny as of now I am trying to create an attack pattern.