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  • ROCK CANDY | Causeway Bay Boutique
  • The Rebellious Culture Collective moves into new digs in Hong Kong’s Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay, opening a new boutique with the launch of it’s new “Beauty & the Beast” Collaborative Collection.

    The boys of ROCK CANDY are opening their new boutique in the Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay and ushering in another new era of the brand with a new creative expression in their new retail space. The eclectic and uniquely fitted space is an additional step towards progression of the brand.

    The Grand Opening Ceremony of ROCK CANDY’s new boutique is to be held on the 3rd of February 2010 (Wednesday) at Paterson Street, Causeway Bay and also heralds the launch of the “Beauty & the Beast Collection with Chinese Luxury Brand CHOUETTE. The event will be held in the same manner as all things ROCK CANDY, with a blend of friends and family and the mix of business and pleasure that they conduct their lives by.

    Mat Hayward, Co Founder and Creative Director said “the brand is a representation of our collective style and lifestyles and this new space is our crews home as such. We also needed to evolve our retail identity from our first foray back in Soho and develop a space in a location suited to the growing product categories we want to focus on. Our move helps to portray our brand and new categories to a wider consumer base in a more populated area. We have stayed true to our origins whilst progressing the brand.”

    ROCK CANDY CWB Boutique.

    Progression is a great way to describe the new space the boys call home and it illustrates their clean and definitive design aesthetics. It is a physical representation of the brands creative direction and attention to detail.

    The CWB Boutique greets you with an industrial matte black metal exterior and blacked out glass door. That’s pretty much where the similarities to the old space start and end. Upon entering you are met with a high gloss white floor (forewarned by designer and friend Ed that it may reflect upwards) with 3 surrounding walls completely different in design but harmonious in this space – but each call out for attention in their own way.

    The entry’s facing wall shouts out for attention upon walking in – literally, with the ‘guts’ of over 300 speakers making a very ROCK CANDY wallpaper. A beautifully crafted ‘floating’ display unit is mounted to the speaker wall making an impressive backdrop.

    Parallel, a raw black brick façade creates a great textured canvas for an orderly array of ornate picture frames, some of them are feature product displays and some house memories of the boys past. A beautifully patterned black Herringbone wall finishes the blacked out walls with some unique revealing features. Sections of the wall slide open to reveal a hidden changing room and striking ‘hot pink’ cashiers area.

    In true ROCK CANDY style the crew have left the internal structural beams raw and use them as the frame for another glass display unit, wrapping them in glass from floor to ceiling. The boutique has many other unique and playful design features in the whimsical way the boys approach all product design.

    Custom Jewelry Service

    The new CWB Boutique also houses the teams design office hidden behind the Herringbone sliding wall. You can find the ROCK CANDY crew here many a day and also their in-house Jewelry Designer who works with them on inline product lines but also helps cater to the growing custom jewelry business. “We have found that with our whimsical design, clean aesthetics and attention to detail, we offer the

    opportunity for customers to approach us with ‘what if’ propositions. We have delivered some very unique and beautifully crafted pieces over the years to international celebrities, designers and many a friend” said Toto Chan ROCK CANDY Director and Co Founder said.