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    Contemporary Art Installation for W-Hotel (Seminyak - Bali, Indonesia)
    A Rose Entertainment Production
    Trademark and Copyright 2011 Rose Entertainment Asia

  • We are presenting the first installment (customized for outdoor use) of our "REVEAL" art installation and theatrical show production for the W-Hotel in Bali, Indonesia.

    Client wishes:
    Client asked for a modern art installation with multiple staging areas for a special VIP event during the inauguration celebrations of the new W-Hotel in Seminyak, Bali in July 2011.

    The final artistic realization had to:
    • elegantly reflect the W-Hotel's own color and lighting schemes
    • carefully preserve and enhance the subtle "Seen-Unseen" hotel philosophy
    • seamlessly and unobtrusively join all staging environments with the venue
    • integrate "universal" philosophical elements
    • incorporate diminutive spiritual references (without being overbearing)

    Artistic concept (excerpted from the full show realization): Our "REVEAL" art installation and show concept was a natural choice for this event and the client's needs - it is based on the three important geometrical symbols: circle, triangle and square, the universal symbols of macrocosms, cosmos and microcosm – the divine creation, in its perfect manifestation of spirit (circle), soul (triangle) and body (square). The combination and unity of circle, triangle and square is also used as a symbol for balance, harmony and perfection.

    The "REVEAL" show transforms these geometrical symbols into three-dimensional objects like the pyramid - a s
    quare united to a triangle - with four sides but has the shape of a triangle, thus creating a number seven, one of the most important numbers of the ancient tradition as they depict the seven planes of consciousness that exist in the universe and inside each person. The upwards pointing triangle is also the symbol for the element of fire, making the pyramid one of the strongest structures.   

    Squares shaped into a cube - a multitude of symbolic meanings in a single structure:

    • The four cardinal directions (north, south, east, west)
    • The four major season (winter, spring, summer, autumn)
    • The four cosmic elements (suns, moons, planets, stars)
    • The four common phases of human life (birth, child, adult, death)
    • The four prime elements (fire, earth, air, water)

    and more - inquire about full show production...

    The "REVEAL" art installation converts the entrance and entire garden area of the gated Spa complex (including roof, water features and back garden) into an elegant yet surreal surrounding for our playful interactions between the ever present Spiritual World(s) and our Human World.

    More details: Over twenty actors, acrobatic artists as well as contemporary dancers perform a variety of scripted (and improvised) scenes throughout the venue. All scenes are based upon the aforementioned symbolic meanings - imagine a group of actors performing a "circle of life" from birth to death, while others roam around in hopes to touch an illusive spirit inside a structure.
    The characters inside the pyramids and cubes introduce harmony and balance as fifth "divine/ethereal" elements. Even the roof performers create their own universe - from darkness to light - ever expanding and moving.

    Also see the captions underneath the screenshots providing more information and other noteworthy tidbits.

  •  REVEAL UPDATE - The second installment of "Reveal" was performed at the Commonwealth Tennis Tournament of Champions Gala Dinner - Hyatt Resort in Bali in November 2011. This showcase also utilized the concept of a close interaction between our visible Human World and the invisible yet ever-present Spiritual World in a modern theatrical art installation with four of our geometric structures. We featured a group of contemporary dancers, modern break dancers and acrobatic "parcour" performers as well as the talented jazz vocalist and theatrical actress Yucca Rose as Guiding Spirit with an awe inspiring live vocal performance.

    We are currently looking for more opportunities to perform the full "REVEAL" theatrical show or segments of the show presented as a (customizable) contemporary art installation.
  • The video will give you some basic information about the project. In addition to the video, we also included a few screenshots with additional noteworthy tidbits.
  • The main entrance area with a sophisticated lighting system in a befitting color scheme - effortlessly guiding the audience towards the multiple staging areas in the garden (natural traffic flow).
  • Every part of the venue has been transformed into an element of the show - including the entrance pool.
    Here the four elements of fire, earth, air and water come alive with a simple lighting simulation - slowly moving clouds atop a rocky beach - reflected in the water with fire torches blowing in the wind.

  • Six equally sized squares form a perfect cube - a solid foundation and a multitude of symbolic meanings in a single structure - from the four cardinal directions (north, south, east, west) to the four prime elements (fire, earth, air and water).
  • The pyramid - a square united to a triangle - with four sides but has the shape of a triangle, thus creating a number seven, one of the most important numbers of the ancient tradition as they depict the seven planes of consciousness that exist in the universe and inside each person. The upwards pointing triangle is also the symbol for the powerful element of fire - stronger yet, as the triangle reflects in the water, pointing downward, this reflection creates the symbol for water itself.
  • Welcoming the audience and the first glimpses into "Reveal" with the "Circle of Life", an intricate shadow play by a group (family) of actors inside the largest (L-shaped) structure.
  • Moving along the path towards another staging area - audience members are invited to interact with the players inside and outside the structures.
  • Some performers are hidden behind screens or extremely stretchable fabrics depicting a realization of the Spiritual World - most of the time, this World is hidden or ignored, but sometimes, the Spiritual World becomes real and visible - open for communication (if we so desire).
  • As opposed to regular shadow screen plays with single light source and sharp clean lines, we opt for multiple light sources to diffuse the scenes - adding to a more effective surreal "seen-unseen" audience experience.
  • The creation of the universe - utilizing the roof spaces - actors and dancers, in either black or white bodysuits, perform in front of black or white backdrops and screens - only visible if placed against opposite color screens (white on black or vice verse).
    • The large back screen offers two performance levels - on the ground level: the diffused shadows of an active "working" bar with real hotel associates and on the top level (on elevated stage): live shadow plays by dancers and acrobatic performers. The two performance levels are individually controllable - lit either as single focused environment (ground or top) or simultaneous.