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Red - Quote Unquote Project

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  • This is a project called "Quote Unquote" where we had to visually represent the quote that was given to us and throughout the creative process come up with an original typeface, two site-specific outcomes, and three different posters using various techniques.
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  • In order to understand this project you must know the meaning of the quote which was pretty hard to understand at first. Though, after long research me and my group were able to find the whole interview of Minoru Yamasaki, during which he mentioned these exact words:
    "If you have white walls, human beings look better in a room than if you have red walls."
    Minoru Yamasaki
    With this sentence he wanted to explain that white walls are easier to work and be creative with, whereas red walls already have something on them and especially the red colour which is very intense and bright.
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  • This is the first outcome of the site-specific version of the quote where we had to work in a group of three people. The idea is pretty simple for this one, where the girl on the left is being very creative on a white wall whereas, me on the right, have my hands wrapped around with masking tape almost like handcuffs and I am not able to be creative at all due to the red colour of the wall.
  • We chose as a group that the most appropreate place for this image was the underground because it would easily catch people's attention due to the size, colour and content. Therefore, since a lot of people use the underground it would be easier to spread the message and idea behind it.
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  • This is a second version for the site-specific part of this project trying out a different layout and more abstract meaning using selected words of the quote. The sentence itself is pretty hard to grasp the meaning at first, so we thought we could narrow it down to the basics and visually represent it with stronger imagery that would still make you think deeply. The idea behind this poster is again rather simple. Every tile has a different letter instead of a different person because it is easier for the eye to understand. Although, we could have used another person every other letter in the tiles we decided to go with just one person and agreed that the different letters on top of the human figure almost give the impression of another human being. As for the red tiles, they are meant to seperate the words, exactly like a space between two phrases, but also fade out the facial characteristics making it harder to see the person in the same way a red wall would react with your art or anything else placed onto it.
  • After considering the context this poster would fit best, we ended up choosing a bus stop because it would be easy to attract people. Buses are used by a big number of people everyday therefore the message gets spread out faster and more effectively.
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  • The meaning I chose to interpret and communicate through this piece is that the walls of the Twin Towers turned red due to the bloodshed of an awful terrorist attack, thus people died which is not a good image for humanity and history. For the sake of better composition, simplicity and hierarchy, I chose few of the words mentioned in the quote and placed them among vectorized images of New York city's buildings. Painted the Twin Towers red and put them in the background to add contrast and finally add the sky and the sea almost in a mark-making technique annexing a dramatic feeling.
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  • The first typeface that was created for this project using textures of a wall and several wall cracks.
  • The following typeface was inspired by another font that was based on the impossible triangle design.
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  • During a letterpress workshop we were asked to produce something related to our projects. Working on this project called I decided to illustrate the quote I was given at the launch. After the printing I wanted to scan and edit the initial outcome in Photoshop in order to produce a unique outcome combining both traditional and digital techniques.
  • Overall, this project was very creative and gave me the chance to experiment with various both traditional and digital techniques included in the study of Graphic Design. Also, the fact that I produced a lot of work was quite exciting and pleasing.